Late Night Musings….

My life is so full and busy in this season that blogging seemed like a natural thing to put by the wayside but recently I find myself thinking about it more often and wondering if I have lost everyone in my remissness? (is that a word?!) I often think of my friends in IL and CO and my family in TX and other friends I have made along the way that are in various states and countries. I miss you all!

I miss the days of blogging and excitedly checking to see who checked and loving the comments and the feeling of “connecting,” however remotely, with people. So… who knows. Maybe you’ll be seeing more of me!

Please, leave a comment, email me, text me and let me know if you’re still reading and what you’d like to hear about!!

Tonight’s Thoughts:

  1. We had our annual fall camping trip planned for this weekend but we had to reschedule due to thunderstorms and lots of rain! The weather forecast grew progressively worse over the past few days. We were able to reschedule for next weekend but this is the third time Ben has had to reschedule his day off for this trip so we decided no matter if we have to call off or not next week, he keeps Friday off and we will find something FUN to do!
  2. Samuel had his first orthodonics appt. this morning. He is in need of a pallet expander but unfortunately, takes after his mama and still has 8 baby teeth to get out of the way til that happens! My boys are sooooooo slow to lose teeth. They’ve both lost 8, the top and bottom 4 and then they just…stop. Zakkai even lost his two front teeth and they didn’t come in for 8-9 months!
  3. No one else came down with Samuel’s awful illness, thank the Lord! We have been fighting off minor colds but nothing has become full blown so we are doing good!
  4. Eating Paleo/Gluten-free is for the birds. Sometimes I really regret that we headed down this path because we miss a lot of foods and gluten-free stuff is mostly yucky. And I have had to learn to bake all over again and nothing tastes the same!! But the honest truth is, (and I am reluctantly admitting this at the moment!) I am mostly glad. We feel better, we are healthier and we improved our eating habits so much. The boys and I are a wee bit on the skinny side and I am constantly plagued with what to do about that but everyone seems healthy so I try not to worry and just keep plugging along.
  5. Eliana is going to turn SIX in a few weeks. I can’t even really comprehend that…
  6. I am NOT loving the too-warm temperatures that took over our summer and have lingered into the fall. I want more and more of these open-the-window, wear-jeans-and-light-sweaters, and drink-tea kind of days. I want a real fall!! Today was 64 and SO rainy. That is my least favorite weather combo. Cold and rainy. You feel it down to your bones! The good new is….
  7. It’s soup season!!! I love my soups! And I can salvage most of my favorites even with the new eating so that is good! I made an AMAZING homemade tomato soup yesterday. It was so fresh and flavorful. I don’t even like tomato soup and I loved it!
  8. Our garden continues to rage out of control. I actually murdered my daughter’s cucumber plant last week. No joke. We had 20 cucumbers sitting on the counter; I sent 5 with Ben to work that day and picked 4 more in the garden and hit my cucumber limit! This was after weeks and weeks of too many cucumbers. We like cucumbers but you can’t freeze them unless you go through this pickling process that I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR!!! So I killed it. Totally ripped it out and stuffed it in a trash bag and buried it in the dumpster. And I don’t feel guilty!!! At least not too much…
  9. I picked 44 tomatoes yesterday. We have seriously gotten at least 300 tomatoes this year and those are just the regular size. Don’t get me started on the cherry tomatoes!!! I have made pasta sauce, tomato soup, canned diced/pureed tomatoes, canned salsa,  caprese salad and cucumber tomato salad, given gobs of tomatoes away…. and I still have so many on the counter!! And the fruit flies…Oy. The tomatoes are out.of.control.
  10. My sweet potato plant has taken over the garden. It has wound its way into Eliana’s garden and it is climbing up the fence and out of the garden! We should be able to harvest it soon, I think! That should be our last big crop. (I am ignoring the fact that we still have tons of green tomatoes preparing to over take the garden momentarily….

Okey dokey. Top 10 thoughts of the night and now I need to make myself go to bed, as much as I do not want to give up my moments of solitude and peace, because tomorrow is coming all too soon…..


One thought on “Late Night Musings….

  1. Amen to soup season beginning! It’s so much easier to cook dinner and deal with tired/hungry kids when you can just dump ingredients in a pot and let it cook.
    Have you tried making refrigerator pickles? They don’t last as long as freezing or canning them, but it’s a much quicker process.


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