Fall Camping!

We went on our annual fall camping trip with my parents a couple of weeks ago (finally!) after our many delays and we had a great time! We went to a state park we had never been before and while our campsites weren’t our very favorite, we scouted out several future sites because we loved the park so much!

Ben came straight from work and we were very proud to show him we had set everything up all by ourselves!  It took the boys and I a couple of tries to get that darn tent up! The boys are pros at setting up their own tent though:)

I was SO bad about taking pictures this time. My camera card is filled up and I’ve yet to empty it (a hundred million other things on the priority list!) and my phone has limited space, too.


We got to the campground Thursday afternoon and spent most of it setting up our sites (which means making a “kitchen/eating area,” pitching tents, getting firewood and sticks, etc. Friday morning we took a walk on a trail that was so pretty! Here are Ben and the boys standing on a giant tree growing over water.


Ben, being reflective:)


For the boys, the absolute highlight of our camping trips are the fires and collecting walking sticks:) Here is my adorable Z-man carrying almost more sticks than he could handle! And unfortunately, my hands were too full to take pictures on Saturday when he was carrying sticks twice this long back to the campsite. He loved every second of it!


Knowing how E reacts to bug bites, I did some research and bought these “really great” natural mosquito repellent bands to wear around our wrist and ankles. E was bitten with in an hour of being there and it started swelling immediately! I remained hopeful about these bands until Ben pointed out the mosquito hanging out 2 inches above the band on his wrist. Sigh. E ended up having a few bites that she reacted badly to and we had to continuously put cream on them. (Note to self: remember the calamine lotion next time!!!)


My mom invited my sister and niece to drive up Friday morning so the two girlies painted rocks together and we went on a walk and they had the best time! Eliana can hold her own with her big bros but bring a little girl around and the princess in her comes out!

And speaking of the princess….she’s about to turn SIX on Thursday! Wait..what?! She has been anxiously counting down the days and has appropriately changed her favorite number from five to…six! I love the pure kid-joy of birthdays. (wish I still felt the same way!)

More to come soon!