Thanksgiving 2016

I have to admit that I am glad Thanksgiving is over! I just wasn’t quite feeling up to all the craziness but ready or not, it came…..and went! All of my sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews came into town so it was busy.

Sunday night, when everyone came in, they all came over to our house for pizza. It was a really nice time for us all to reconnect and briefly catch up in a relaxed atmosphere!


Monday, we had a Ladies Lunch at a cute place called the Morgan House. Not all of the women in our family were able to come but it was still special!  We got someone to take our picture:) (the angle made everyone look weird! No, I am not pregnant….) And Monday night, my brother-in-law organized a Men’s/Boy’s night out at an OSU basketball game! It was a fun day for all.


We got a last minute family photo on Thanksgiving! It’s so rare for all of us to be together that we need to take advantage of it. A good-looking crew!


One of my sisters organized a pie-eating contest which was a big hit! It was actually super fun. We divided people into age categories. Everyone was cheering and chanting names! Zakkai, Sofia and Dylan’s group won the first round!


The pre-teen/teen group was LAME! They showed typical teen effort….;)

We were even able to talk my older cousins (20s) into doing it and it was hilarious! Wish I had pictures of that…..One of my cousins ate 5 pieces of pie! (and the rest of us felt a little sick….)


These little cuties spent as much time together as possible! They call each other the three little girl musketeers:)  It was so special to watch all of the cousins renew bonds and enjoy their time together.

I am totally ready for a break in socializing though! Holidays are exhausting….


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2016

  1. Such a fun time..The only thing is I think we pass around our Jerms..Oh well I guess it well worth it..You are our picture taker..I guess we should have told time..Such a lovely time..Now Christmas..Are we ready ..we will be a lot smaller..Love the picture of 3 little girls..


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