Winter Sickness

We’ve been passing our new year by with sickness, unfortunately. It started with Z (again!) and the next day S, and the next day E. Sore throats, bad coughs, lots of sneezing and congestion, fevers, eye pain and for Eliana, we are battling an ear infection:( She got better for a few days last week and then went into the ear thing and has been running fevers off and on for a couple of days. I am really hoping today will be a new day!

Ben has it, too, now so that means I am the last one standing. Everyone knows when Mama goes down, everyone goes down! Ben keeps begging me not to get sick so I am not getting kisses from anyone and my hands are rough from all the hand washing!

Other than germs, we are doing well. Plugging away at school~today is the 100th day!


Here are my kiddos working a couple of weeks ago:) The boys have been working hard at having good attitudes about doing schoolwork and surprise me some days by getting up early and beginning their independent work. ( I love those days!) They have been reading really great books for school like “The Wrinkle in Time” series (Z), “Lad” (S), “Black Beauty” (both), “Little Men” (S) and more! They all love reading.

Eliana is blowing me away with what she can do in school! She is regularly working at a 1st grade to 2nd grade level and her reading really took off last month. She was reading really well and then she asked to have a book to read for school so I decided to get her some chapter books and you rarely see her without a book in hand now! She finished her first chapter book (“Ivy and Bean”) in 1 day and proceeded to read 4 more in the series that weekend! She got bored of those after book 8 and switched to “Socks” and currently is devouring all of the Roald Dahl books we own.

If there is anything we’ve passed on to our kids that I’m happy about, it’s the reading bug!


Eliana is really into helping me cook these days. She wants to stir things (cooking scrambled eggs here!), add ingredients, help me use the food processor, etc. I keep telling the boys they need to learn to cook so they can make breakfast for everyone:)


My “teacher’s helper”:)


2 thoughts on “Winter Sickness

  1. Hi Heidi!! We’ve been sick here too…so many cold viruses! I miss you guys and love hearing how you’re doing. I got off Facebook, so I love that I can still see your sweet family! Em loves Ivy and Bean too 😉 Your patience for home schooling blows me away. You’re such an inspiration! Hope you guys are healthy soon!


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