100th Day of School, Valentine’s Day and a Burn!

The kids and I celebrated 100 days of school last Monday. We did lots of different “100” day activities,which they thought was great fun, including learning about what life was like 100 years ago (WWI!) and imagining what life will be like in 100 years (according to Z there will be solar cars that fly!)


One of the activities was that I created 3 piles of 100 Legos and they had to build something using all 100 pieces and it had to have a function. Enter the “Blue Blueberry Machine,” the “Red Rocket Machine” and the “Wicked White Machine.” They shot blue blueberries, rockets and toilet bowl lids at people! Ah, such imaginations!

img_2112 img_2113

A week and a half ago, my shortness got the best of me! I was taking a glass bowl out of the microwave filled with scalding hot water and baby potatoes. The microwave is above the stove so I have to lift it down from above my head. I lost my grip and dropped it on the stove and the scalding hot water sloshed all over my arm! Oh boy, it HURT! I ran to the sink and ran it under cold water for a few minutes and then slathered it with aloe.

img_2114 img_2123

Once the redness started going away, I could see where the worst of the burn was. It hurt SO bad. I could not bear for even air to touch it and all I could think was how horrific it must be for people who get bad burns all over their bodies.

img_2126 img_2127

This was a couple of days later. The worst spot where I blistered was just past my wrist bone. I walked around for days with one rolled up sleeve!

img_2128 img_2129

Then a few days ago, I started having a reaction to the Vitamin E oil I was slathering all over and my arm got extra red and itched SO bad, on top of the already itching skin!! I had no idea healing burns itched so bad.

img_2138 img_2139

Here it is today; healing well. It’s feeling so much better, the skin is just tender and I still have these awful itchy times each day where I have to put vaseline or aloe all over it to moisturize it. I am incredibly thankful Eliana or Oliver weren’t standing right below me when it happened!


We celebrated this guy’s 37th birthday this week (Valentine’s Day!) Look how handsome he is! (and skinny!) The kids were just sure that he should’ve had the day off of work. Daddy Thomas from the Lego family that the kids created celebrated his birthday, too, but he did get a day off of work:)


My silly guy! I am starting to rebuild a good recipe repertoire finally! I felt such discouragement a few months ago about this Paleo business but since then I have armed myself with a few good cookbooks and Pinterest recipes and have found some winners! It feels good to be eating healthy and also to be able to have some baked goods or treats sometimes:) Helps us not miss the oldy but goodies so much. For Ben’s bday, I made a Paleo flourless chocolate cake! Mmmm!

Another birthday coming up in a few days!


One thought on “100th Day of School, Valentine’s Day and a Burn!

  1. Oh Heidi your arm looks so bad on these pictures..I was so caught up with my hamstring that I forgot to ask you about your burn..Boy that was a bad burn..I don’t know if I wished Ben a happy Birthday..If I didn’t will you tell him I pray it was a great day..I know he enjoyed your wonderful looking cake..Love you All..


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