Birthdays, Marriage and Getaway!

It’s been a busy last month! 6 days after Ben’s birthday was Zakkai’s 10th birthday! Can’t believe both my boys are double digits now. On his actual birthday, we had a pretty normal day and I made him a dinner he likes and a chocolate brownie/cake. (one of the ways to his heart is definitely chocolate!)

He also got the surprise of his life when we ushered him out the door minutes after dinner for a ride in a Mustang convertible!! He was sooooo happy!

The kids had been sick for awhile and then I got really sick for awhile so we postponed a party until a couple of weeks ago. He invited 3 friends over and we took them all bowling and then to our house to make pizzas and have cupcakes. Then one of them spent the night! (the other two had basketball games the next morning so they couldn’t.) They all seemed to have a good time!

Then last week, Ben and I celebrated our 14th anniversary! We celebrated by getting away for 2 days…..the first time we’ve done that since 2009! So needless to say, it was long overdue:) We had a really good time. We tossed around a few ideas but in the end, decided to get to know Columbus so we went downtown and got a good deal on a nice hotel. We did things we never get to do or normally wouldn’t do like going to a Blue Jackets game ( Columbus hockey), the Art Museum, a nice dinner out, a movie, etc. It was a really great weekend and the kids had a blast with my mom and Ben’s mom!