April Good Weather Brings May Showers?

We had gorgeous weather for awhile over here….and now we have rain and went back to cool temperatures and coats! Just in time for baseball:)

Speaking of baseball, BOTH boys are playing this year. I got the schedules for the games last week and about hyperventilated! We have 3-4 games a week plus 2 or more practices a week for the next 7 weeks. Plus ballet recitals, weddings, homeschooling, cleaning jobs and regular life.

Some people really thrive off of being busy but we do not! Ben and I are both introverts (I have some of both) and we get worn out by busyness and really need downtime. This will be a stretch for us but it does make us happy that the boys are enjoying it. Zakkai, especially! He has only watched S up to this point and has minimally practiced with S and Ben but he is picking baseball up very naturally! His team won their game last night and he was very happy about that!


Zakkai is on the “Indians” team (in the picture, he’s up to bat at his first game. He got a hit!) and Samuel is on the “Blue Jays.” Eliana has decided she wants to do t-ball next year;) Here is a video of her practicing batting!

We got outside last Sunday and took advantage of the sun that we hadn’t seen in so long! Here are the kids resting on a bench for a minute, grudgingly posing for a picture for their dear old mom;)

Eliana got a butterfly garden kit for her birthday and we finally sent in for the caterpillars! It was pretty amazing to watch them grow so quickly, turn into chrysalides and hang themselves upside down on the lid of the container and then a week and a half later, turn into butterflies! We currently have 5 Painted Lady butterflies:) We are going to set them free in the next couple of days. Oliver finally discovered them and we’ve had to keep them way up high because he wants them SOOO bad! He is such a predator:)

Hopefully I’ll find time in our busyness to write again soon!


One thought on “April Good Weather Brings May Showers?

  1. How fun is that to see the boys and their baseball and even little E so cute..Z is so proud of his baseball..I haven’t had a chance to ask S..but both boys will like being busy..I’m sure..It is a busy life with kiddos ..remember the day when we all just played in a corner lot and we would play hid and go seek and don’t forget kick the can..Oh back in the day..My day I should say..


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