Ballet and Baseball!

Our heads are spinning with business over here! We are knee deep in baseball~either a game or practice 5-6 days out of the week!

Samuel’s team got off to a very rough start this year. A “rough around the edges” sort of bunch. He wasn’t enjoying his team and neither were we~especially when one of the games ended with kids getting ejected out of the game, parents screaming obscenities at the umpire and each other (across the teams) and the catcher from the opposing team getting injured so badly, he required surgery!

I became “that mom” and contacted the president of our baseball league. Long story short, he read my email and called me and we talked for a good 45 minutes, in which he asked lots of questions and really listened to my concerns. Two of our players got penalized with sitting out a second game and one has been ejected for the season. It was rough for a bit with so many missing players. Then Samuel had someone on the team say some pretty cruel stuff to him (but that is the player that is gone now.) We took care of that really quickly!

The GOOD that has come out of it is that his team is really starting to come together. They are being kinder to each other, encouraging one another and playing well. Samuel is enjoying baseball again and we are so relieved!

Zakkai is just loving baseball!! He has such a good attitude and is picking up skills quickly! I told him I need to take his picture tonight before his game to post here:)

Eliana had her big ballet/tap recital this weekend! She was SO excited that she bounded into our room at 6am on Saturday:) She got to do two dances this year, one ballet and one tap and changed skirts for each one. She did so well!!

Looking so pretty in her ballet skirt before the recital! (It was SOO fluffy! They gave us tips to “de-fluff” them but nothing worked:) The kids got to hang out with their grandma right afterwards for a couple of hours before S’s baseball game. She was very tired and refused to take any more pictures at first!

I shamelessly bribed her by telling her she could take silly pictures on my ipad for 10 minutes if she smiled and posed for us:) It worked!

And last but not least, I just wanted to share a picture of our butterfly releasing! All the butterflies except one flew away so quickly we couldn’t even get a picture! But the last one came out slowly and stayed on E’s hand for several minutes. She loved it! We all went through butterfly-withdrawal for awhile and are hoping to do it again soon:)



One thought on “Ballet and Baseball!

  1. What a lovely time we had at E ballet dance..You were so good Eliana..We were so proud..and I for one am so glad the boys are doing well in baseball..I believe so in sports for boys..they need the activety and to be with other boys..So good…Even those bad boys (at least the now know what the world is like) and they do not want to be like them..I sound preachy this morn..I think I need protein…love you all..


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