School in the Summer? And Father’s Day Fun!

Today the boys had their testing for school. When you homeschool, you have to show proof to the schools that you haven’t been letting your kids laze around watching movies and drawing with sidewalk chalk all year. There are a few different ways to do the testing and the one we chose is to have them tested by a certified teacher who administers questions from the Woodcock Johnson test.

It’s so nice for the boys AND for me to see visual proof that they are learning, despite all complaining and doubts of their abilities! We get a special signed paper to send into the school district and we get a sheet with all of the scores and percentiles of each category for our own records. The boys did fantastic! Last year we chose not to show them their test scores but just reassured them that they did well. This year we did show them, each individually, with promises not to talk to the other about them.

I don’t want it to go to their heads that they are doing so well but I DO want them to feel encouraged and they were! We were all very happy tonight and are trying to think of how to celebrate!


I try to think of ways to keep the kids learning throughout the summer and not forgetting all that they worked so hard for in the year! I don’t want it to feel like school and to be a little bit fun for them. This summer we are doing a few things.

  1. We joined a book club! There is a book written by Jamie C Martin called “Give Your Child the World” in which she compiled a huge list of books about various countries. The books are broken down into age ranges so I got a few from each age range to entice all 3 kiddos! We are behind the “schedule” but we need a break from schedules so we are okay with that! This week is “Multi-cultural” week and next week is Africa. The kids seem pretty excited about this!
  2. All 3 kids are doing a project about a different subject and they have to present it to the rest of us and “teach” us. Samuel is doing Rain Forests, Zakkai is doing the Ozone Layer and Eliana is doing the Ocean (mostly the creatures in the ocean!) They have to read several books, fill out a bibliography (obv all of this ranges according to their capabilities) and present all of the info in some way. S and E want to do posters and Z wants to do a slide show on the computer:) It should be fun!
  3. And lastly, I got them each a summer workbook so they can do a page or two a day, prob 20 minutes to keep their brains working and hopefully have fun doing it.


We have a family of skunks living under the nasty old shed in our backyard! B, Oliver and I were out one evening a few days ago watching the beautiful sunset when Oliver tensed up. I looked in that direction and froze. I had no idea what I was looking at at first! We hurried inside once we figured it out!

The next night, I went out late to cover up our grill and heard rustling noises. I turned around and saw several little black shapes with tails slinking along the side of the shed and disappearing under the step. And last night, we got home late from a baseball cookout and within minutes we counted SEVEN skunks!! They walk in a little huddle and sometimes walk in a single file. We watched them slip under the fence and go foraging for dinner.

I read that they can destroy gardens, which would explain some of the damage to our new plants so they are being evicted! Phase one started today with our landlord drilling some holes in the floor of the shed and putting in drops of racoon urine (yuck!) and drizzling it around the outside of the shed and step. Once they leave, they will board up the step openings and hopefully they will leave.

We want them to leave but still…..they are kind of cute!


And lastly, we celebrated Father’s Day with a trip to the newly opened “Giordano’s” restaurant! It turned out to be a 2 hour wait but Ben insisted we stick it out:) He’s been looking forward to our favorite Chicago pizza ever since we heard the rumors of it opening! The wait only turned out to be about 1 hr 20 minutes but then when we sat down, they said it would take 1 hr 10 minutes to make the pizza! We were there with Ben’s mom and stepdad so we had fun eating salads and chatting while we waited.

The manager came out and helped serve the pizza and told us that they have been so busy since they opened less than a week ago, that they have reached full capacity for being able to make the amount of pizzas ordered for carryouts and in the restaurant! They have people ordering carryouts for 2 and 3 days in advance! Smart people:)

Ben was very happy all day and we were happy to make him feel special!