Summer Ends~Yikes! lots of pictures!

Howdy! We are having a really hard time believing that summer is OVER. How did it happen? It feels like we blinked and it was over. Baseball seemed to take over a lot of our summer. In July, after baseball ended (thankfully!) we celebrated Samuel’s 12th birthday!

We did lots of swimming at our local pool and met up with friends for playing and hanging out. I also had the kids do a project, due towards the end of July. They each did research and came up with their own projects!

Samuel did the rainforest and built and rainforest out of Legos! Very cool.

Eliana did Oceans and made a very nice poster with only a little help from me! I was really proud of her first effort:)

Zakkai did the Ozone Layer and had a really, really impressive Power Point presentation on the computer! I can’t find a picture of it but it was complete with pictures and videos and he really learned his subject!!

At the end of July/beginning of August, we went camping with some friends in Pennsylvania! It was a beautiful campsite and a much-needed respite for us, after a really rough couple of weeks.

We laughed out loud when we met up with our friends to travel to PA! They had 2 kayaks and 2 canoes on their truck, which was pulling a pop-up camper!

There was a chance of rain while we were there, so we borrowed my mom’s shelter tent and set it up right in front of our tent! It was really nice for shade:)

Our friends brought a hammock, which Eliana promptly commandeered! She LOVED it and stayed in as much as she could:)

The scenery was gorgeous!

I found a secret spot where I would walk by myself in the mornings and just sit and pray and soak up the quiet beauty.

I took my friend and E and Z to my secret spot and we explored the river!

Ben forgot his hat so he and Drew (the other dad) took a trip to the local Wal-mart to pick up a couple of things and THIS is the hat they chose:) It kind of grew on us!

We went canoeing and kayaking 2 days in a row and we LOVED it!

It was our first time in canoes so it was an adventure! We did 3 mile trips both days.

The boys in a kayak together:)

They had a blast!!

We made E wear her puddle jumper when we were in the river, just to be on the safe side. She LOVED being in the river!

Just hangin’ in the river:)

We raced back into town to help celebrate my grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary! It was really nice to connect, albeit briefly, with family who live out of town. I only wish we would’ve had some more time to catch up!

My wonderful grandparents! They dearly love their family and it gave them so much joy to have as many of us as could come to their celebration:)

Eliana and her two favorite cousins! They are the three musketeers!

Our last couple of weeks have been spent catching up on the “business” side of life and getting ready for school. One change to our school year this year is that Samuel is taking some electives at the local Junior High. He’s in 7th grade this year! He is currently taking Pre-engineering and an Applied Computer Science class. Next semester he will at least be taking Art and we are hoping to talk him into joining a school sport. like track.

This is a big change for him, going to school. He was pretty nervous but God really answered our prayers and he has a few kids he knows from baseball and youth group in his classes and on the bus. (he rides the bus home in the afternoon!) I think he will enjoy his classes once he settles in. This will be his first full week this week.

S’s first day of Junior High!

We are officially starting our homeschooling year this week, too. It will be an adjustment, trying to balance that plus taking S to school each day after lunch. I will have to manage my time really well! It means I have to be really good about planning meals ahead of time and making sure we get up early and get cracking with school. I’m a little nervous! I feel like it’s also a big step up with Eliana being a 1st grader this year. She really needs to be challenged so I am trying to bump up her curriculum but also trying to figure out how to give her her own time with me since the boys are so much older. It will take lots of prayer, grace and planning!


More soon!

One thought on “Summer Ends~Yikes! lots of pictures!

  1. So proud of all the kiddos. Think it will be so Good for S. to go to school. Fun meeting new friends. Good for you Heidi too. Breath. Even good for the 2 at home. Love this family.


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