Life is trucking on at the Thomas household. We are in the busy season (what isn’t a busy season with family?!) with school (home and public for S), TKD, Wyldlife (Younglife) for S, ballet, cleaning jobs, etc. Most days are packed from 6:30am-9pm.

School is going well for the kids. It’s different from year to year! Eliana is requiring a lot more hands on now that she is in first grade. We do a lot of her subjects together. I do a few with the boys and they do a lot independently (S more than Z.) It’s definitely a lot of work homeschooling and I have days where I am seriously tempted to put them in school. But I also have so many days where I know they are getting a really good education in ways they can’t at public school. We have the opportunity to go so much more in depth than they can go at school and obviously they get a lot more one-on-one attention:) How many first graders get to sit on their teacher’s lap to do English?! šŸ™‚



Visiting Grandpa-Great at Rehab while he was recovering:) We missed him while he was away.


Eliana celebrated her 7th birthday last week! So hard to believe. She said she had the best day ever! She opened presents from her brothers at breakfast. They went to the thrift store with me one day and found a brand-new game (a kid’s Pictionary) and a Nutcracker CD, which she LOVES. Then we went on a field trip to the Slate Run Historical Farm, a working farm from the 1880s. It was a gorgeous day outside and perfect for a field trip! We finished the day by meeting Daddy at another metro park and having pizza and cupcakes:)

She specifically requested that we go visit Grandpa-Great at the Rehab facility on her birthday! It was nice to hear his laugh as she jabbered away telling him little things:) So glad he is home now!

She had a Build-A-Bear party this weekend with 3 of her friends and Evy. She LOVED every second of it! It was a cute party and the perfect size. I am so not a fan of the birthday parties with 40 kids running around. 5 was perfect! We walked over to Jeni’s ice cream after they built their stuffed animals (better pics on Ben’s phone!)


I made myself a cute apron!


Our beautiful fur-child:)


Eliana went to a little fall festival with her cousin. They had a good time together!

Trick or Treating tonight!




One thought on “Fall

  1. Well that was a fun report. Loved seeing all your doings. Fun seeing E s Happy Birthday Party and also all the pictures of Grandpa at rehab with kiddos. So glad he is home. Praise the Lord! and doing well. Also loved loved the apron… You are so talented.


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