Weekend Wrap!

 On Friday, Samuel was Star of the Day and we were invited to come and watch Samuel talk about his pictures to his class (we sent in 15 pictures of him from birth on up!) and answer any questions they had. At first he was a little embarrassed that so many of us came, haha. It was Ben and I, Eliana and C, the baby I watch. But he was also happy at the same time.

He pointed to every picture with the wooden pointer and explained in minimal detail about each one, which we thought was funny. He kept turning to me to ask when pictures were taken or how old he was. His teacher said, “Good thing your mom is here to help!”

The kids asked him all sorts of questions about the pictures or about the facts he shared. He put that he wants to be an artist when he grows up and one kid asked him what kind of art he wants to do! He didn’t really have an answer for that:) I am so glad his teacher does things like this to make each kid feel special!

It was gorgeous on Friday! Eliana and I sat on the front porch for a long time and played and then brought Baby C out to eat his lunch outside when he woke up. We were determined to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible!

Mr. C LOVES to take wagon rides and he thoroughly enjoyed the ride to school yesterday! He had a big birthday this week and we got to celebrate with him yesterday!

We got a special Easter box in the mail from Ben’s mom yesterday! Once we got permission to open it (how can you ask kids to wait??), I took it upstairs and assembled all of the Easter baskets. Wow, these are lucky kids!

They were sort of stunned at first and said, “Whoa!” Believe me, they were excited!

They stared for several long seconds and then dug in! Talk about goodies galore!

Happy kiddos! Thank you, Grandma!!

Eliana loves her new pink bunny and it has gone with her everywhere since yesterday! It sleeps with her, went to the birthday party and to church today:)

The kiddos picked out a pack of trucks for Baby C for his birthday since he loves to drive the boys’ matchbox cars and I wanted to think of something to go with it. Something homemade to show how special he is to us. This is what I came up with! It is a little mat made of felt for him to drive his cars on. Not perfect by any means but it was really fun to make!


A house with a little dog…

A man fishing in the pond. That was Ben’s idea:)

A park bench and some trees..

The swing set

And a truck. Kind of a fire truck/ambulance combo. Oh well! The boys were like, “How come you didn’t make anything like this for us when we were little??” ha.  It was really fun to make a little special something for a special little guy. He’s been like part of our family for this past year and we all love him!

This is what Eliana looked like when she woke up this morning:) haha. She looks different every time she comes out of her room!

At church today, they handed out palm leaves to all of the kids, who waved them on their way out to their classes. Eliana got a huge kick out of the palm leaf and used it to torture tickle us on the way home from church. Stinker!

We cleaned our place all up spic and span for our small group this afternoon, only to have everyone cancel for one reason or another. At least we all get to enjoy a clean house! That’s a nice way to start the week. Then this afternoon, I made some homemade yogurt and BBQ sauce. The yogurt won’t be ready to put in the fridge for another 2 1/2 hours. I am really really hoping it turns out!

Not that I’m going to eat it. Blech. I wish I liked it, believe me! But I have texture issues and yogurt causes an immediate gag reflex in me. So, this time I will have to rely on my families opinions to see if this recipe is a keeper! If it is, this will save us a ton of money. They all love yogurt and go through it so fast. It’s not cheap either! This recipe makes 4 qts and a little over a pint of yogurt for a total price of $3.88! It lasts for a month in the fridge, has the probiotic bacteria and you can add whatever mix-ins you want!

I’ll let you know it this works out! That’s our weekend in a wrap. Hope yours was nice, too!

That’s all for the weekend!


Friends, Sickies and Fun!

We have had such a mix of weather here! First lots of snow and then some “warmer” temperatures that turned our beautiful snow to gray mush. Then rain and now a little snow again! As long as we get a little white on the ground for Christmas, I’ll be happy:)

I figured out a solution to taking Eliana and Baby C to school:) I’m not sure if it will work for the super cold days but they look awfully cute in there!!

Yesterday morning, we were invited to Baby C’s house to have Christmas breakfast with our good friends. It was such a great way to start out our day! We have been so blessed by their friendship and hope it will be a lifelong one!

After we hung out for awhile, we decided to drive over to the cute little zoo nearby since it was free! We found this handsome devil there. Okay, maybe “handsome” is a bit too strong of a word….Poor guy. Those teeth!

“And I have to live with him!”

It was such a nice little zoo with petting zoo animals, a fox, deer, racoons, bobcats and more. By the time we left, they flipped on the zoo lights. It was such a great day!

This poor little lady was absolutely exhausted. She begged all the way home to try on her new moby wrap for Baby Anna. How CUTE is that?? Baby C’s mommy made that for Eliana. She was actually thrilled to pieces to have it on until I left the room to get my phone and take a picture and then she melted down and begged to go to bed! (better picture of this coming soon!)

She was sound asleep by 4:45, even refusing to eat dinner. She cried out a few times through the night which was strange but it all makes sense now because she woke up and started throwing up around 5am and didn’t stop for almost 5 hours:( Poor little lady!!

That is a very hard sickness for a three year old to have. She absolutely hated throwing up and kept telling me she “was better” and had “no more frow ups” even while she was throwing up. She slept off and on this morning and was just miserable. And then all of the sudden at 10am, she sat up and said she felt better (for real this time!), smiled and got down and started walking around! She has held down a little sprite/gatorade mix (our specialty cocktail for times such as these) for about an hour and a half now and is watching Dora!

Now to pray the rest of us don’t get this because we’re supposed to be traveling tomorrow!!

Now for some fun news!

Ben is traveling here for an interview next month. Any guesses where it is??


Face-painting and Pictures!

 We had a busy weekend! On Saturday, we ran a couple errands and then we went to a first birthday party for one of our neighbors. It was at a nearby park district and it was a very cute safari theme! They even hired some face painters and our kiddos were brave enough to get some face painting done; the first time for S and E!

And look who was brave enough to go first?! Eliana decided she wanted a little kitty on her cheek, so she got a white one with a sparkly pink bow! She loved it and happily posed for pictures:)

Samuel went next and continued with his magic theme by getting a rabbit pulled out of a magic hat! The ladies were very talented and did a great job! Samuel loved it so much that he didn’t want to wash it off:)

Zakkai took the longest to convince but once he was ready, he went all the way with a full Spiderman mask! It was very cool and he loved it. It scared more than a few of us over the evening when he would come around the corner or out of the bathroom! It lasted til morning, when I started finding face paint smeared everywhere and then I forced him to wash it off:)

Yesterday our friends invited us to go to a nearby conservatory! We had never been before, even though it’s fairly close by and free to boot! A gem in the city:) Eliana had a blast exploring! There was a children’s garden with a place to dig in dirt and “plant” flowers. She would’ve stayed all day if we’d let her!

My favorite things to see were the banana trees, pineapples and lime tree! Not something you see everyday in the Midwest….

Samuel got to do a little creating at a kid’s station with some sticks and clay. Like Eliana, he would’ve stayed there all day!

One of the main reasons we went was so that I could try out my new camera and practice. Practice makes perfect, they say! Imagine how silly I felt, then, when I got my camera out, turned on and tried to take pictures…only to find my battery was dead! Our friends, thankfully, have almost the same camera and let me use their battery for a little bit! (All the previous pictures were cell phone pics)

 Eliana refused to pose with her brothers and ran away!

Love these boys!

We finally snatched her up and I was able to get one shot of the three of them before she ran off again:)

Now come all the “boring” nature shots! Although, I think I got some very pretty ones!

Here is one of my favorites! I love the detail and it’s nice to see some color now that all the trees are bare and it’s looking very “wintery” outside…

This flower almost looks like an ostrich!

Daddy and his girl:)

 Ben wanted me to practice on the water fall so our friend, also a Ben, helped me figure out some fancy things and made the water look different. Very cool!

See the difference?

Pretty greenery!

Baby C was busy checking out things, too, and wishing he could’ve gotten his hands on a few things!

Such a happy little guy!

The crew:)

I love how Eliana turned around to grin at me! It’s nice to catch her in a “real” smile these days:)

This is how Baby C likes to greet the boys each morning! The face grabbing is accompanied by a lot of drooling and pterodactyl-like screeching:) They love it!

Some more beautiful flowers!

One of my favorite things to do is to focus on one object and blur the background a bit. Taking pictures is fun!

Next time I will remember to charge my battery…..:)

*If you ever want to see the pictures magnified, just click on one and you can do a slide show of the whole blog post!