Sunshine Again!

 It has been extra lovely to see some sunshine the past few days, especially since we had all that rain last week. The nice thing about the rain was that it caused the grass to turn green!

The boys helped me do some serious basement cleaning on Saturday. We scrubbed and mopped and put things back in place. We found some more water under some furniture but after a couple more days of some serious fan action, it seems pretty dry! We’ll see what the maintenance/contractor guy says when they inspect this week.

We took a break after working hard to take a walk in the sunshine! It was still cool but we couldn’t resist:)

It’s been really nice to see the boys playing so much outside!

Hopefully they can make up for lost time:) Samuel has a field trip to the zoo tomorrow and guess what? It’s going to RAIN. Boo. He’s really been looking forward to this field trip. Hopefully they will still have a good time!

Eliana did NOT want to leave the park that she has dubbed “Hello Kitty Park” (for some strange 2 year old reason!) but Daddy did a quick distract and put her on his shoulders and she thought that was pretty fun:)

Tonight we got to bring some dinner to some dear friends of ours who were blessed with an adorable baby boy 2 weeks ago! It was love at first sight for me and I know that little cutie is one blessed little guy to have such wonderful parents. I’m hoping they’ll call me for some babysitting (Hint, hint:)

Eliana was so tired on the way home from their house tonight and she had started to melt a Hershey kiss she was given in her hand. I had no wipes so I told her she had to lick it off her hand. I took the rest of it and she alternately giggled hysterically at Samuel all the way home and cried for her “chocwate!” These 3 sure do spice up our lives:)