Splish Splash

 A nightly game I love to play,

I wait for this moment through the day.

Finally, my dinner is done 

And now I know the time has come,

It’s bathtime!!

I laugh, I splash, I crawl, I play,

I’d wiggle and giggle in the bath all day,

If only mommy would let me,

It’s bathtime!

Back and forth, up and down,

Lots of smiles, never a frown.

It was love at first bath a year ago,

I love my bathtime!!

~HKT copyright 2011~

I’m so thankful for my little girl, whose sweet preciousness brings a smile to our faces every single day. She’s a light and a joy, a pure delight. To watch her learn and change and grow is such a miracle.
Happy 13 months, Sweet Girl!!