Big Girl!

I know my words from the other night were hard to read. They were hard to write, too. But as hard as it is to share the struggles you go through, I am a firm believer in community and reaching out to others. I think that’s what Jesus would want us to do. Sometimes it’s okay to admit that you can’t do it on your own and you need a little encouragement or prayer or support. And that’s where we are now, I guess. So thank you, so very much, for reaching out and offering your prayers and thoughts.
On a lighter note….

Need I say more??

Samuel and Eliana worked to make a nice block chair last night and Eliana added the “ottoman” herself:) She is looking too grown-up these days! Her hair has grown long enough that she can easily tuck it behind her ear.

Such a silly girl!

Samuel and Zakkai are so good with Eliana. They both know how to distract her from tantrums and pull her out of her moods and make her laugh and smile. They are such good boys!

This morning, right after dropping the bros off at school, Eliana, Baby C and I raced over to a garage sale that I had seen listed on Craigslist because they had a twin bed for sale! We got a good deal on Miss E’s new-to-her big girl bed and when the lady saw how much Eliana loved this little doll cradle, she threw it in for free!

Now Baby Anna finally has a place of her own to rest her weary head;) All the way to the sale, Eliana kept saying “Are we getting a bed for Baby Anna, too?” And I kept telling her no, it was just a bed for her but lo and behold, I was wrong! She was so happy to get home and tuck her little baby in:)

I will post pictures of E’s new bed as soon as we find a mattress! Any ideas where to find a cheap one?

I am off to pick-up Samuel from school. Zakkai has a play-date that he is super excited about (and Samuel is super jealous about…) so it will be strange to just bring home one boy!

This weekend we are going to a marriage conference at our church and the boys are really excited to watch a movie and play at church tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it will be good and we will learn something new about each other and our marriage:)

And hopefully this weekend I will post some recent tasty recipes. Maybe even an apple one, if you’re lucky. (Don’t worry, not the secret pie recipe!)

Have a good Friday…