Chocolate Cake and Germs!

 It will seem weird going to sleep before 11 pm tonight now that the Olympics are over. I admit that, although I will miss having something interesting on tv to watch, it will be nice not to wake up tired every morning!

On Friday, after I put Baby C down for his morning nap, Eliana and I made a chocolate cake for Zakkai’s birthday! She was my very big helper, as she usually is when I bake and she was very excited that she would be tasting this cake, too! Later when I mixed up the icing, with Baby C hanging on my leg, I let E lick one of the beaters:)

Mmm! Baby C would’ve loved a lick of the frosting but I was pretty sure his mommy would say no to that one:) Maybe when he’s bigger!

I am terrible at icing cakes. Definitely not my forte but I figure, as long as it tastes good, it’s all good!

After a delicious dinner of pizza (which, I might add, is heartily improved by B’s new pizza stone and a new sauce we whipped up!), we lit up the magical 7 candled cake and got ready to serenade our sweet guy.

Sweet face!

He said he didn’t need a wish since he already had a birthday:) There was barely a peep our of all as they gobbled up the delicious Ghirardelli chocolate cake. Once I discovered how delicious everything is with that chocolate, I could not go back!

Saturday, we met our good friends at this really cool indoor playground and passed the morning getting the kiddos energy out. Always a favorite choice! Eliana was SOO tired from staying up late partying for Z the night before and going down slides that she fell sound asleep on the way home, despite all vehement protests that she wasn’t tired:)

Yesterday morning, Zakkai woke up sick. I thought it was strange that he wasn’t downstairs with Eliana and Samuel and found him curled up in bed reading. Very strange! Upon closer inspection, I found him flushed with fever and complaining of a headache:( We spent a quiet morning at home instead of going to church. Well, Zakkai was quiet anyways!

Samuel and Eliana practiced headstands! Almost Samuel…

A little higher!

Well, try again!


Uh-oh, it’s a copycat!

Trying her hardest!

Show off:)

Hard work, isn’t it, Missy Girl?!

Practicing my camera shots on the Big Bird chair of Ben’s childhood:) 30+ years old and still going strong….

See how perseverance pays off?! Well, with a little help anyways:)

We ended up playing a board game to pass some time, which was really nice. Zakkai perked up for a little while to play and then went back to hanging out on the couch reading. He was just congested and feverish, with swollen throat glands. Needless to say, since he still had a fever when we went to bed late, he stayed home from school today.

He was fever-free today and reclaimed much of his chattiness throughout the day! His throat is still pretty swollen and I am hoping that gets better as he sleeps. He had to walk with E and I to go get Samuel this afternoon and we ran into one of his classmates, who was home today with the exact same symptoms! We found out there were at least 3 of them out with the same virus. Hopefully it is short-lived and none of the rest of us share in his brotherly love.

We can only hope!