Home Sweet Home!

 We made the sojourn home to Chicago yesterday and arrived safely last night! Eliana was SOOOOO tired and couldn’t do anything but cry so she was tucked right into bed, even though it was only about 5:30pm! She was up by 5:30 this morning, very hungry:)

We got to spend the majority of our time in Ohio with my sis and her beautiful family. Here is a glimpse of the smiles Uncle Ben was able to get out of our sweet niece! We just fell in love with her and hope that we did our aunt/uncle duties well enough that she won’t forget us soon!

We got lots of snow while we were there! The day after Christmas we were snowbound while a winter storm fell outside. Later in the afternoon, the boys piled on their gear and went out to play. They made friends with a friendly neighbor girl and they all built a snowman together!

On Friday evening, we had Ben’s family Christmas, where the new annual Gingerbread House making tradition as debuted! The competition took the place of the usual gift game and it was SO much fun! We won second place in the “Most Fun” category:) Ours is the middle one in this pic.

A few more of the houses, including “Santa’s Party Pad” which won a prize:)

One of my favorite pictures I took was this one of a beautiful cardinal that was feasting on birdseed outside my sister’s house! My family has always seen cardinals as a sign of God’s promise and hope. So beautiful against the snow!!

We are spending our day trying to organize all the stuff we brought home and bring some order to this chaotic home. We may even take a trip to the Lego store to spend the boys’ giftcards!

It’s good to be back, although we will really miss our family and treasure the time we spent with them!