Be Still My Heart.

 This little chickie had her echo with the cardiologist today. She did great! Well….except for the weighing and measuring and blood pressure part:)

It’s hard to ask a 13 month old to lay still with probes and gel all over and a strange man trying to take pictures of her little heart. For 45 minutes!

I did a lot of praying before the appointment because they told me if she wouldn’t cooperate, they’d have to send her downtown to be sedated.

 But God answered my prayers in more ways than one! First, the technician was wonderful and did such a great job with E. Secondly, she only fussed a little bit towards the end but he got all the pictures they needed!

But most of all, even without the official results yet, it looks like she’s going to be just fine. It looks like a small functional murmur, no big heart conditions or surgery. I hope to hear from the dr soon but we’re feeling pretty good about it!

Now if we could just get healthy around here~we have 4 down for the count now.

I am thankful for prayer and answers to them. Sometimes it doesn’t look at all like what you were asking for, sometimes it’s so much more than you were asking for. Sometimes it is yes, sometimes no and a lot of times the answer is wait. But I’m so glad God listens and cares, whether it is something small or something that seems impossible. I want to pray with thankfulness and a heart full of faith and hope.

Appt Update

Thanks so much those of you telling us you were praying for E this morning. It means a lot!

It was a long appointment and we still have to go back for more! Poor little E, who is going through terrible stranger anxiety, cried if the nurses or doctor even looked at her! I brought her pacifier (and lots of toys and food) just in case and it did come in handy.

She got an EKG and we were going to stay for an echocardiogram but the dr said it was going to be another hour long wait plus 45 min for the actual ultrasound. Both of us highly doubted we could get E to wait patiently all that time (after already having been there for an hour during her naptime!) and then ask her to lay still for almost an hour. Yeah right.

The dr thinks, from listening to her extensively and from the test that she has an innocent/functioning heart murmur. I was hoping that it had closed up but we are still thankful that it doesn’t appear to be anything serious. It sounds like one of the wall of her heart is thicker than the other but won’t know any firm results until the echo in a few weeks to check her valves and the walls of her heart, etc.

While I hate to think of anything being wrong with her sweet little heart, I am SO thankful that it isn’t life-threatening like some people have to face with their little ones. I’ll keep you posted once we get the other test in a few weeks.

Thanks for praying!! Maybe I’ll go take a picture of our little Biscuit right now….:)