Color Wonder.

Today was a catch-up cleaning kind of day. The boys absolutely trashed the place this weekend. Wow. There were papers and markers and toys EVERYWHERE!!! They were getting awfully tired of us sending them to clean up. They decided to set up traps for us (think: toy frogs on the steps, notes for us to find, etc), drew maps, railroads and runways, played legos and more.

The nice thing was that they are really enjoying playing with each other! I just wish they wouldn’t make such a mess…..

Samuel got to go to a birthday party on Saturday.He’s been bummed lately b/c Z has been to two parties in the past month and he wanted to go to one. It was a cute party. The theme was “nature” and the boy’s grandparents did lessons, crafts and games with them all. They did an amazing job entertaing a bazillion boys!

The other night as I was tucking the boys into bed, Zakkai said, “Mommy, sometimes at night I see dinosaurs.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, thinking maybe the new crayon art or clock we hung on their wall was the culprit.

Samuel jumped in and said, “Yeah, me, too!! You know when you close your eyes and see shapes? Sometimes they look like dinosaurs.”

Zakkai gasped and said, “Yeah! Mommy, you know when you close your eyes and you can see inside your brain? That’s when I can see them, too!”

I told them to tickle the dinosaurs or change them into shapes and then they wouldn’t be scary. Made them giggle and I walked away smiling:)


While Samuel and I were away at the birthday party, Eliana and Daddy worked hard on learning some colors. She has this really cute fish puzzle we’ve had for years and she just loves it! I’ve been talking to her about colors here and there but the time was ripe with Daddy and so I can’t take any credit for this! He added colored objects to the colors and it helped her pick it up quickly. (sidenote: Instead of “grapes” purple stands for “Purple Grandma” because Ben’s mom’s favorite color is purple:)

Here she is debuting her new grasp of colors! She loves doing this multiple times a day now:)