Steam Threshers!

¬†Apparently, there is one big thing (aside from Der Dutchman) that you should not miss when¬†living in this special country town….the annual Steam Threshers parade! We have never had the privilege of going before now but decided to have a Plain City experience this year:)

The boys went early with Papa to stake out a spot. This is the highlight of the year for these country folks, with people coming from all over to participate and watch! Eliana and I came with Mugga a bit later and surprised them by bringing Winston along:)

Someone’s hoping for candy!

It started drizzling a bit while we were waiting so I found a few umbrellas in my Grandma’s car for us all to use!

Waiting for the first tractors to round the corner…

And here they are! It started off with a very old, antique tractor. I am not well-versed in tractor language nor do I know farmer’s etiquette. All I know is….this was really really old!

Lots of tractors from the early 1900s..

And some people dressed up as an old-time baseball team.

This guy turned out to be the highlight of the parade for us because…

He was pulling a basset hound in his trailer! He got a huge kick out of seeing Winston and all of our hearts melted with his Basset and Winston met eyes. Seriously, love at first sight! They started barking at each other and then the girl in the trailer rested her head on the side of the wagon and stared mournfully at Winston all the way down the street. So cute!

I was requested to take pictures of some of the more unique vehicles in a very long, unending line of tractors!

This one was a monster! We couldn’t get over how big it was!

There were a few floats thrown in, such as Miss Strawberry Festival or something like that. Eliana like this, of course:)

You should not be surprised in a town like this to see a truck/tractor combo!

One of our friends was pulling this cute ensemble with kids in it! The parade was over an hour long. Never seen so many tractors in my life!

The kids had a really great time (and Winston, too!) and then we headed back to my grandparent’s where I had Stromboli ready to pop into the oven. A good way to end a (country) fun night!