Doggie Love and more Thanksgiving pics!

 Oh my gosh, two days in a row?! Quick, someone pat me on the back!

I got to help my aunt clean up her house for our large Thanksgiving brood and it gave me a chance to spend time with her babies! And by babies, I mean her three 160+ pound Mastiffs! This one is my favorite (shh! Don’t tell the other two!) His name is Zeus.

You can hardly see his face when taking a picture, it is so black! He is beyond sweet and is a really big baby:)

This is the oldest and wisest of the bunch and his name is Diesel. He has been sweet from the moment they got him.

And this is Zoey. she likes to bark at you at first to let you know you are a stranger in her house and she’s not too sure of you! But then she settles down and let’s you pet her and tell her how beautiful she is:) Love these doggies!

I got to help make our family coffee cakes this year! Usually my Aunt Judy makes these but it is often overwhelming for her to do for Thanksgiving on top of getting ready to host and working the night shift. So she whipped up some dough for me and I took them home and made 12 coffee cakes! It took 7 hours from start to finish (not including the making of the dough and rising in the fridge overnight!) and let’s just say that I appreciate my aunt so much more, now knowing how much work she puts into delighting our taste buds!!

My munchkins on Thanksgiving. Samuel is getting old enough where he is a bit embarrassed by my public demands for pictures. Sigh. Gotta squeeze them in while I can!

Yesterday I had to take our van in for some recall work at the dealer, which ended up taking four hours! We wandered through several nearby stores browsing and killing time for the first 2 hours. This was a car at Toys R Us that caught her eye:)

Look who we ran into at a quilt shop!! Fancy that:) We got tired of standing and walking so we headed back over to the dealer to wait. Unfortunately, it took 1-1 1/2 hours longer than they told me so we were pretty antsy by the time they were done! Thankfully, I packed E a lunch and some books, etc to keep her occupied.

An adorable drawing by our young Picasso, er, Eliana, of a reindeer! So cute!! This one is going in the keep pile:)

Tonight, Eliana was killing time while waiting to do the Jesse Tree so she tried on my boots:) She gets a kick out of making us laugh!

We are letting the kiddos take turns with the different parts of the Advent tree. Tonight Samuel read our verses (Genesis 1:1-2:3), Eliana cut out the ornament (an earth symbol) and Zakkai got to tape it on the tree. Eliana woke up insisting that she was going to be doing the reading tonight but we were able to talk her into letting Samuel instead:)

See you tomorrow! (hopefully with a good recipe or two to share!)