We are doing much better around here today! Samuel’s sore throat was much better so he was ready to play outside and take advantage of this warm December day. Zakkai’s leg improved a lot throughout the day, which I am so thankful for! I still made him take it easy because I was so worried about him re-injuring himself but kids are so quick to bounce back! Lucky:) Even my headaches and some other symptoms are finally beginning to fade a bit which is nice. Can’t wait to feel good again!

We spent some time at the park this morning and then late this afternoon, we went to our cute downtown area for a Christmas celebration. All the cute shops along the downtown area had little samples or candy to give out, Santa came riding through town on a fire truck and helped light up a huge tree by the Village Hall, there were choirs and bands on different corners, lights and more!

It was really crowded but we enjoyed getting out for awhile!

Cute kid who’s a bit too smart for his britches! My little smart alec:)

“Cheese!” This little dolly is just too cute. She makes us laugh all the time with the funny things she says/does. She was mad at me for buckling her back in her carseat when we were leaving the downtown events tonight and cried for several minutes. After about 5 minutes, it became noticably fake and forced. She was quiet for a minute and then she said, “Missy sad!”

We were at a red light and both B and I turned around to look at her and she got the cutest grin on her little face which made us laugh! Then she said, “Daddy sad? Mommy sad? Samuel sad! Kai sad!” She always has to run through our whole family like that. What a silly goose!

I don’t have a pic of Z from last night because he was just a mess but he made us laugh the other night when we were talking at the dinner table. Something got him thinking about names and he turned to look at Ben and said, “Is your real name Daddy Benjamin Thomas or Benjamin Thomas?”

So cute:)

Downtown days!

We did a lot of fun things this week! On Tuesday, Ben spent the day with us (yea, summer!) and we spent the morning at the Museum of Science and Industry (free day!). We spent most of the time there in the “train room” where they have life size trains, airplanes hanging from the ceiling and a huge electric train display of the city of chicago. The boys were mesmerized, especially our train fanatic!! Then we went over to the farm area where they have a John Deere tractor and a combine. Samuel got to go inside both of them while Zakkai and I played in the “Idea Factory” (a place designed just for little kids to explore and have fun!) Z spent most of the time inside a play house opening and closing the shutters. He did NOT want to leave and when I tried to pull him out, he grabbed on to the side of the door and hung on:) And if you’ve ever heard him scream…he did that, too.

After the museum we went and had lunch down by the lake. It was a BEAUTIFUL day: mid-70’s, sunny, very slight breeze…ahhh… It was a great day together! And then on Thursday, the boys and I did one of S’s favorite things and rode the train downtown to the Family Fun Festival they have everyday during the summer. From 10am to 10:45 they have someone come play kids songs and all the kids can dance and sometimes they pass out maracas. We went with two friends and their little ones, Aislinn and Heather. After the concert, we went and let the kiddos splash around in the fountain. They had a blast!!

Samuel said some funny things this week (as usual!) We were on our way to the park to meet somebody and he looked up at me and said, “Mommy! I saw some dancing lions! Are there anymore dancing lions?” I was so confused and didn’t know what he was talking about until he said, “There’s another one!” and pointed to a dandilion:)
Then later in the week, we were having a discussion on full names. I went through what his full name is (Samuel Benjamin) and then said, “Zakkai’s full name is Zakkai Nathaniel Thomas.” Samuel looked up at me and said, “No, his name is NOT Zakkai Na-Samuel, mommy!”
Today Zakkai said please for the first time! We were at breakfast and he was demanding “more” as usual so I said, “Say, Please!” and he signed it and said in a high pitched voice, “Pwee!” Then he was so proud that he proceeded to say it about 14 more times! He also learned the word “bubbles” today! Zakkai is such an independent little man. He has such definite opinions on what he does and doesn’t want. He is as happy as a clam until you try to redirect him from what he was doing! He and Samuel have so much fun together even though they are so different. Samuel gives lots of kisses to his “bruvver” (and that’s when he’s not pushing him down…) they have SO much fun together that we had to put up a partition in their room to separate them at nighttime because they have been keeping each other up giggling and being ornery. Little monsters!