Special Saturday Fun!

 We had a really fun day yesterday! Ben had to work all day (boo) so he took us all out to breakfast before he had to leave so we could spend some time together. He’s had an unusually busy week so we treasure our moments as a family!

After he left, my mom and stepdad stopped by and we did a table swap. They took our old dining room table and we got a really nice wooden card table to use in the basement. We are both happy with our trade! Since the garage was open, the kiddos took advantage of that to pull out their bikes. They have been wanting to ride them but during the week, it’s too busy traffic wise around here for them to ride safely. We found out that an early Saturday morning is perfect for riding!

Such a happy pink girl:)

Mr Z!

Samuel’s tires had gotten low through the summer or storage but one of the best investments we’ve made is a bicycle pump so we used it and he was a happy camper! We used to have kids lined up at our door asking to have balls and bicycle tires pumped up:)

I finally had to call it quits because it was really chilly out!! We hung out for awhile in the morning before Grandma (B’s mom) came to pick us up for a really fun afternoon at the farm!

First we got to jump on hay bales. And by we, I totally mean the kids, not the adults! Eliana climbed a little bit but she was too excited to go ride the Banana Bus so she waited patiently.

The boys cousins were there, too! They are all very close in age so they have a lot of fun together. This is B., the oldest of the bunch. He slid into the picture just in time!

We rode on the Banana Bus (pictures coming later), petted animals, slid down slides, rode peddle carts and finally took a hay ride! Eliana gave us this big smile every
time we took a picture:)

I kept begging Samuel to go sit next to them so I could get a good picture of the three of them. This was the best of the bunch. He wouldn’t cooperate very well so I was disappointed not to have more great shots out of the 9 I took….Ah, kids!

We had such a good time! Eliana fell sound asleep on the way home and we all washed off our farm dust with warm showers, got in our pjs, had dinner and I tucked the crew in bed early. It was definitely a happy day for the Trio!

And thanks so much for taking a minute to leave me a comment earlier this week! I really enjoy hearing from you and it always makes my day!