Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to a Daddy who loves his munchkins with all of his heart, tickles them with great gusto, provides for their endless needs, makes them feel safe and protected, kicks the soccer ball and plays baseball, reads stories with different voices, teaches them how to ride bikes and catch balls, answers unending questions day after day, changes diapers and a million other things.

You make their world a wonderful, special place. And mine, too.

We love you!


Happy Father’s Day

 Dear Samuel and Zakkai,
Today is Father’s Day and I wanted to write a letter to you to tell you a few things. Your daddy is such a wonderful man and I pray with all my heart that you turn out like him (with your own personalities, of course:). Some wonderful qualities that he has that I hope you have too are:
*Your daddy LOVES his family. He would do anything for us and feels such a great sense of responsibility to take care of us.
*Daddy is always willing to listen and change if he needs to. It’s a very hard thing to have flaws pointed out and areas where you need to grow but Daddy always is willing and I respect that so much!
*Daddy’s heart breaks when he makes mistakes. You don’t get to hear us talk at nighttime after you are asleep but if he made a parenting boo-boo, his heart breaks and he always walks away more determined to love you better and deeper and set a godly example for you.
*Daddy isn’t afraid to say that he is sorry when he is wrong. Never be too prideful to apologize, boys! Forgiveness and humbleness are beautiful things!
*He loves me and tries so hard to teach you to respect me. He was brought up to treat me like a “rose” and he wants you to do the same. I hope you treat your future wives the same way he treats me: with respect, gentleness, kindness and the love that can only come from God.

*Laughter. Daddy loves to tease and make jokes and it makes our home a happier place! I hope you always laugh and bring joy to others around you.
Never ever forget how much Daddy loves you. He wants so much for you and with all of his heart wants you to love God and turn out to be wonderful men!
I know he is SO thankful that you made it possible for him to celebrate this day.


Dear Eliana,

Daddy fell in love with you before you were even born and if he wasn’t head over heels already, he tumbled the second you were born!

I never knew how much gentleness and tenderness a little girl could bring out in her daddy until I saw him with you!

 Little Girl, find a guy just like daddy someday (that is, if he ever lets you date!) Someone that will love you from the inside out. Someone that will respect you, care for you, treat you like the precious rose that you are. A man who will honor you and stay committed to you through anything that life throws your way.

Daddy is so thankful to have this first father’s day with you and for the incredible wonder and joy that you bring him every single day.

You have a wonderful Daddy and a wonderful example of what to look for someday. A Daddy’s love should be a reflection of God’s love for His children. That isn’t always the case in this world but thankfully, it is in our home!
Always remember how much he loves you.