Weekend Pics!

 #1. Baby Anna playing in Baby C’s exersaucer:) Eliana got her all situated so she could play!

#2. Eliana talking on her calculator phone to Mugga. She kept saying, “I need to ask you a question, Mugga.” 🙂

#3. I was Mystery Reader in Samuel’s class on Friday and the baby came with me. He was a HUGE hit with Samuel’s class! Samuel was so surprised and really happy! I read the first chapter of “Mrs Piggle Wiggle,” which is such a cute book.

#4. Eliana suckered her Daddy into doing his first ever toenail painting!

#5. Zakkai is crazy about the new rubber band bracelet making that is all the rage here! We don’t have a kit but he was trying to figure out a way to braid them himself!

#6. Showing off her “pretty red” toes!

#7. We took our last ever pictures of Eliana in her crib!

She was posing for us;)

Cheese! It was really sad to take down our crib after 8 years of using it! But we haven’t dwelled on it too much because Miss E is SOOO happy about her “new” big girl bed!

#8. The bed! I found it at a garage sale and a pair of sheets on clearance at Target. She is really hoping for Dora sheets so I’m keeping a lookout!

#9. We could hardly tear Eliana away from her bed to get her to eat dinner! We got a little rail to stop her from rolling out the way her big brother did so many times!

#10. Sleeping so peacefully last night! She did GREAT! She fell right to sleep and slept all night and didn’t even climb out this morning. We’ll see how long that lasts:) She has a little opening at the top to climb in/out and a little stool. She is crazy about being independent these days so she loves the idea of getting in and out of her bed herself!

When asked this morning how she liked sleeping in her “new” bed, she said, “It is so comfortable!” haha:)
This week was Fire Prevention Week and the boys had the fire department visit the school and tell them all about fire safety. Today they had an open house at the local fire station to raise money and teach the families about fire safety. We went for a bit this afternoon because the boys were so excited to go!

They had little fire hats to give out, coloring, face painting, demonstration and even fire truck rides. That was pretty cool! We had to wait in a long line but everyone loved it. I’m sure the neighbors were tired of hearing the sirens for 4 hours as they looped around the block over and over!

We met the nicest firemen, who gave us great tips “just in case” and it even possibly rekindled a bit of Zakkai’s desire to be a firefighter! He was going to sleep tonight dreaming of putting out a spark in a big building;)

Eliana just loved going and spent the rest of the afternoon wearing her fire hat, calling herself a “fire girl” and pulling around her fire truck, which was really Ben’s shoe attached to a string:)

Our weekend in a nutshell!

Firemen and Sickness.

 If you ever have need of a fireman, just come to my house! Yesterday a local fire department was having a pantry food drive and they gave out free fireman hats to people. They gave me a couple “Just in case I had kids at home who might want to play with them.” Ha;)

The boys spotted them right away and have been wearing them non-stop since!

Even our poor sick Foosie Girl has tried on the hats several time. After all, whatever brothers do is best!

Cute sick little firegirl.

It’s a fun rare moment to see all 3 of them engrossed in an activity together!

We enjoyed some pumpkin cheesecake last night for dessert. Yum. Perfect fall treat! Actually, there are a lot of perfect fall treats…..

And try not to be jealous of my spotted pants, okay?

Today’s fireman activities included drawing a fire map!! Cutest firemen I’ve ever seen:)

Zakkai’s favorite word today has been “Stop!” And not just “Stop” but “S.T.O.P.” He’s really into spelling these days!
It looks like it will be a long night around here. Our Eliana is just so darn miserable. She’s got those red, puffy, “sick” eyes and cries out of misery most of the day. She has a really nasty cough that is keeping her up tonight:( Welcome to Germy Season!
Now off to watch the Buckeyes in between rocking my baby girl….

My Little Firemen.

Hey, there. I’m feelin’ more normal tonight so you don’t have to worry about any crazy stories;)
It was a gorgeous day over here! upper 70s and sunny with nary a cloud in sight. Eliana and I took a walk to the library after Z got off to preschool. I was hankering for some new books.
And I also returned a watch inside my old books that were due yesterday:) The library called. It’s official: I’ve lost it!
My mind, that is.

Zakkai has been practicing his dribbling every chance he can get and we can already see improvement! Tonight after dinner we took a walk (E slept late so she was up!) and Zakkai dribbled the whole way to the park:) What a cutie!

I had this thought that struck me while I was watching Ben play basketball with the boys. If Zakkai goes on to play basketball, maybe in middle school or high school or even longer, we are watching the beginning of it right now. It’s pretty cool to watch your child learn something brand new. It’s a privilege to be able to be a part of another person learning how to live life and do new things almost every day. Wow.

Someday we’ll be able to look back and say, “I remember when you….”

The firetruck came to Z’s preschool today to talk about fire safety! When Samuel and I went in to pick him up, all the kids in the class were wearing firehats while they waited at their tables for their parents:)

Zakkai told me very seriously about “Stop, Drop and Roll” and Samuel joined in the fun. As soon as they got home, had snack and finished homework (for S), they were outside all dressed up and playing firemen. It was so cute to listen to them!

Zakkai graciously allowed Samuel to wear his fireman (and future Halloween costume) outfit, while he wore his new firehat and “stop, drop and roll” sign around his neck:) They saved many a burning building this afternoon!

And when E woke up from her nap and came to wave at them through the door, they jumped up and let her try on a firehat and called her a “Baby Fireman.”

All I know is that I’m pretty safe should a fire happen round here parts! According to Zakkai, fires never happen at night and the back exit never catches on fire. We also need to wave a blanket out the window so the firefighters can see us.

All of this brought on a repeat of our 9-1-1 conversation (remember this and this?). Zakkai is armed and ready in case our arms fall off, our legs break or there is a fire.


Update: After I posted this, I went to get Z up to go potty and, as you know, he sleeps VERY heavily and often stays asleep through the whole process. Well, this time he dribbled a basketball in his sleep all the way to the bathroom! Hilarious….