Funny Moments!

 It was my solo day today so the munchkins (big and little) and I had a quiet dinner by ourselves. We were laughing over silly things and I was watching their beautiful faces shining with happiness and I thought, “I need to capture these smiles!”

So, I pulled out the trusty old camera and this is what happened:

This was the best I got of my feisty 5 year old (or, as he would insist, 5 and 1/2!). I think he’s got a lot of my side of the family in his cute little face… He looks a lot like my grandma in this pic!

Samuel, in mid-laugh! He’s such a hoot these days…

 Here’s the Fiss, learning the hand-blocking technique from her big-bros:)

She is such a happy little creature! It’s so easy to get her to smile and laugh and be silly:)

Samuel jumped at the chance to get a mommy-son picture. I just love how it turned out!!

So then Zakkai saw how much fun it was and decided he would cooperate for me. Love this!!

And then, we got a little…..silly. Be prepared for some frightening pictures! We may look silly (and you may never look at me the same way again) but the laughs we got out of this were priceless! And worth sharing:)

Take one! Samuel thinks Zakkai looks like one of the pigs from Angry Birds. ha.

Take two. My face in this one had Zakkai in STITCHES for so many minutes! He had to keep looking back at this one and giggled so much.

Take three. Monster faces! Totally worth making a fool of myself to make fun memories with these boys!
Now you have my permission to make fun of me. Gently:)