Peace That Surpasses..

I am sure people will be tired of hearing about Scotland when this is all said and done but at the moment, this is a big deal to us and quite an adventure!

A couple weeks before Christmas, Ben, who has been on an amazing spiritual growth journey (for lack of a better word) this year, came home and said to me, “I prayed today and told God I am ready to be put back in the game. I am ready for an adventure!”

Immediately, I said, “What?! No, why did you pray that?! You have to be careful about praying about stuff like that!” It’s like praying for patience or more faith. Next thing you know you are dealing with the most horrendous person or situation that tries your patience like never before or you are facing some terrible unknown or fear and your faith is being tested. Be very, very careful when uttering prayers like those!

Nevertheless, his prayer was uttered, with extreme sincerity (and a bit of fear and trembling on my part) and FOUR days later, Ben got the email inviting him to Scotland for an interview, something we had deemed impossible. We have no idea of the outcome today. It could be no and we will be back to square one, praying for God to open some door for us. It could be yes and we’ll be on quite a wild ride and adventure!

Whatever the outcome, whatever the answer, we know that God is asking us to trust Him. “Will you follow Me?” He asks. It could be following Him in your current job. It could be selling off all your possessions and moving to Zimbabwe. It could be mustering up some courage and moving into a new path where you feel Him leading. It could be Scotland. It could be staying where you are and allowing Him to refine you a little more and be a little more patient while you wait.

We would like to enter a season of hope and dreaming and new adventures; we feel ready for it (am I going to eat those words??) but most of all we need to be in a place of trusting and hoping in Jesus, above all else. And resting in peace in Him. That is what we are praying for.


Ben made it safely to Scotland, by the way! I received an email from him around 10 this morning, that he was completely exhausted but safely at his hotel! We had a chance to all Skype together this afternoon before he went to sleep and he told us that the town of St Andrews is really beautiful and nice! He walked down on the beach by the North Sea and saw a castle there! (jealousy!)
He said that he asked someone on the bus which stop was for St Andrews and she didn’t understand him! She told him to go ask the bus driver but later, when she figured out what he was saying, apologized and told him she didn’t understand him. Apparently, our flat American accent is hard to understand! haha. The Scottish people, with their lovely burr’s, say “St Andrews” almost like one word with rolling r’s and a charming accent. Ben said that everyone has been very kind to him so far, living  up to the reputation the Scottish people have of amazing hospitality and warmth!
He also corrected me in my time change. He is SIX hours ahead of us here in Chicago and FIVE hours ahead of OH (and anyone else on OH time:). I am not sure why I got confused! All this time change stuff is for the birds.
Several of us are setting our clocks and waking up early to cover him in prayer as he presents and later has his interview. You don’t need to wake up at 5 or 6 but if you could say a prayer before you sleep tonight, we would be so thankful!
Whether this is a 3 day adventure or a 3 year adventure, we are so thankful for the support and love from our friends and family!