Tonight, instead of sitting down at the computer and wasting time reading and browsing, I decided to take a walk! I actually wore my tennis shoes without pain and took a 30 min walk! That’s a good start for old Scar Foot, I’d say:)

There is nothing like taking a walk in the evening of a nice spring or summer day. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. I can think and pray and look at all the cute houses and don’t have to say a word to anyone. It’s a nice way to end the night.

On Friday after school, we drove to a new park we’ve never been to and right after we got there, the ice cream man drove up! He wasn’t too creepy looking and other kids were buying from him, so we decided to let the boys pick out their very first ice cream truck treat! They never say no to a treat:)

Missy could’ve cared less. She was too busy climbing and enjoying the sunshine!

She becomes more of a busy bee every day. Climbing, getting into things, walking everywhere, trying to run, talking, yelling at her brothers. It’s no wonder she crashes hard at naptime!

Zakkai is on his very last week of preschool! He’s so excited for his graduation next week. I’m determined to soak up this extra time with him between his school ending and Samuel’s ending in a few weeks. I know now that time is fleeting and once he enters kindergarten, everything changes.

My favorite memory from today was at dinner time when we were just finishing up and the boys were getting a little restless. Zakkai finished his milk and stuck his cup on his face and sucked in, making the funniest noise. We all turned to look at him and burst out laughing because it surprised us. He laughed so hard, his cup flew out of his hands and landed on the ground. Then Samuel decided he needed to try the noise, too, and before you know it the 4 of us were laughing SO hard! Eliana was piping up, too, laughing even though she didn’t know why:) It was so fun to look around and see pure joy, red faces and just us enjoying each other. I thought in that moment, “I wonder if any of our neighbors hear this joyful laughter? I hope it makes them smile!”

I love my family:)