Socks, Green Bean Cake and Denzel.

 I am a lady of few words these days. I get to my computer at night and often all of the stories, thoughts, observations, highs and lows of the day just disappear in to the spaghetti jumble that is my brain. And sometimes, I’m not quite sure what to pull out and share. Sometimes it is silly and feels worthless to share, meaningful only in that moment to us. Sometimes it is too heavy to share. Too private in its pain. Sometimes it’s funnier in person than it is on paper. Or blog screen, if you will:)

I was really dragging this afternoon, due to a poor night’s sleep. Eliana cried out for me at least 3 times last night, which is unusual, but the broken sleep really was wearing on me. I was tempted to take a nap but I realized that this was an opportune time to do our weekly laundry. I always know it’s time when the boys start complaining that they have no socks. Their sock supply is dwindling quickly! Most of them are getting holes from the constant running and playing that they do. Several have been tossed in corners and under beds or in the black sock hole, never to be seen again. Either way, that is my cue to make my many trips up and down the stairs for a few hours with loads of stinky boy clothes!

The funny thing today was that I realized I need to start checking the boys pockets before I wash the clothes. Especially the pockets of my treasure-keeper, Samuel. Today I found mulch, a quarter, 7 rocks, a dried cranberry and some bits of paper in the washer after a load……

Eliana occupied herself with some play dough this afternoon. She got a really fun sweet shop play dough set for Christmas that she just loves. Here she is making “Green Bean Cake” for me for my birthday. It’s a good thing she will not be trying to sell this concoction!

She refused to put on her skirt after nap, exerting her very opinionated two-year old opinions! We just love her soft, chubby little legs anyways so as long as she covers the other parts, we can pick our battles. For now anyways!

Tonight, I left my family finishing up dinner and once again, ventured into the crazy land of Cardio Boxing. I kind of dreaded going, even though I really loved the class last time, because I don’t like the time. It’s at 6pm and I hate not being able to sit down and eat the dinner I made with my family. But then, of course, I’m always super glad that I forced myself to go and do it! It is like a Jillian Michael’s level 3 workout, except for one hour instead of 20 minutes!

Our instructor’s name is Damon and he reminds me a lot of Denzel Washington with the way he talks. He’s really funny but he has us moving non-stop for the whole hour. He is literally DRIPPING sweat within 10 minutes of class starting, that’s how hard we’re working!

But it feels so good to push that hard and then to come home to the excited cries of “MOMMY!!!,” like I haven’t seem them in a couple of days rather than an hour:)

But I am beat and ready to go rest my weary head. Hoping Eliana sleeps better tonight so I can get some good rest! Good night.


Sunday Scraps.

 It has been a busy few days around here and that leaves me feeling totally uninspired at night time when it comes to blogging. Sometimes anyways. Do allow me to say that your comments always energize me to keep up! So thanks, peeps:) (well, those of you who comment, anyway. Ahem.)

This is what 8 loads of laundry looks like (minus the 2 stacks that were drying on the drying rack and on various chairs and surfaces:) I got a little behind on laundry due to a severe quarter draught but once we get down to no undies or socks or towels, it’s time to buck up and do it! This would be $20 worth of laundry and 4-5 hours of labor.

I’m considered joining our family in a nudist colony or inventing an automatic washing machine/sorter/dryer/folder. Although really, I actually like the folding part. Thankfully, everyone pitched in and helped put it all away!

I have this pair of socks that I like. And don’t like. They are a silky, soft cotton and I probably should’ve thrown them away months ago but good socks are hard to come by so I couldn’t bring myself to do it.. See that “scar” that my sock has? That, until this afternoon, was a gaping hole.

How did it get that gaping hole, you ask? These socks are the infamous socks I was wearing on that fateful night last December when I dropped a rotary cutter on my foot.

Anyone else out there shudder at the same time I did?

These socks creep me out. The hole. The memories. Ugh. So today I finally took a step towards emotional healing (and sock saving) and sewed the hold shut. All that remains is a scar. Just like on my foot.

And last but not least, see these children? They’re pretty cute and I love them:)

The end.