Mama Machine!

It’s been a very busy several days! My mom was sweet enough to come last Friday for the weekend to help me pack. I have been working super hard the past week or two to weed through our belongings and get rid of as much as possible! So far I’ve come up with a huge garage sale pile, which journeyed back to OH with my mom for an upcoming family garage sale and have sold several things on craigslist.

The very first thing I sold was our Thomas trains set. Please observe a moment of silence with me….thank you!

You probably remember my ridiculously sentimental post about Thomas trains this past year. Hey, parents can get attached, too! I wasn’t really attached to the trains, per se, but it was so very special to our Samuel for so long. Samuel dissolved into heartbroken tears last summer when we first brought up the idea of selling them so we put it on hold. He wasn’t ready. But even though he was really sad this time around, he thought about it for several days and came to me last Thursday and gave me permission to sell them. He said, “Mommy, you know how we talked about selling the Thomas trains? I think I’m ready now.” Such a big kid! I was really proud of him. We let him save out 3 of his absolute favorites (Thomas, Annie and Clarabel) for his memory box.

I kid you not, I posted the ad and within FIVE minutes, I had those babies sold! Wow. I know I listed for a lower price than some people were selling (people are a little crazy) but we do need to let go of things and it’s not all about making money. Most of all, we wanted those trains to make a little boy (or girl) happy. And they did! The dad who bought them said they recently moved and their movers lost two boxes. Guess what was in those boxes? You got it, his son’s trains. So we made a little 2 1/2 year old boy’s day (and his parents!) and we felt good about that!

I sold several other things that day and the next and was overwhelmed with the amount of emails coming and going. Wow! The Thomas trains were by far the most popular and people were seriously disappointed they were gone. Also high on the list were wooden trains and a Lightning McQueen cars set. Guess I had some hot items! We’ll see how the rest does….

My mom was a packing machine!  I get overwhelmed by all that has to be done and wasn’t quite sure where to start after all the sorting and purging. My mom was awesome! The boys’ room is done, except for last minute things and clothes! They have SOOOOO many knick-knacky things and clutter-galore. We were able to save the most important things and toss the rest or put it in our ever-growing garage sale pile. The kiddos really got into the spirit of it and were so good about letting go of things. A little too good sometimes:) Thankfully, my mom double checked with me to make sure I got final say.

Eliana loved “helping” with her brother’s room and wanted her room packed up, too. She started putting anything and everything into boxes and claiming she didn’t want things that she uses regularly. My mom humored her:) She had a little box filled with shoes that she loves and she told me to give them away because they weren’t “special” to her. Ha! When she wasn’t looking, I put them back in her shoe basket. She was very offended when she saw what I had done but all is forgiven now!

We made huge dents in the basement also and some other areas. I am trying to keep up the momentum on top of living our daily life, squeezing in get-togethers with our special friends here and planning the good-bye party. Whew!

We are working hard on details and trying very hard to trust that God will provide for our family! One day at a time.


Happy Mother’s Day!

 I always feel terrible when I neglect my bloggy blog but I have been sick and not feeling like doing too much! I was fighting a cold for several days and in the middle of last week, it took over! I was pretty miserable for a few days with an aching ear/head and body, crazy congestion and a cough.

Now I’m left with crazy congestion, a cough and no voice! But I am so glad I felt well enough to go out with my precious family today.

Here was our Friday night family fun:) Eating homemade pizza and playing Scrabble Junior!

This morning the boys brought special gifts to me when I was still in bed! They both made books at school and they were SO cute! I will be saving them forever.

Samuel’s was a flip book with several reasons why he loves me. A few reasons were that I help him with his homework, I snuggle with him and give him kisses and hugs at nighttime. He drew really great pictures!

Zakkai’s was a very cute fill in the blank book. According to Zakkai, I am 60 inches tall (I claim my 3 extra inches!!), weigh 10 pounds, have tan hair, love pizza and hate yogurt (true!) and love to spend time outside with him. He had a really cute picture of the two of us sitting in chairs facing each other. Z was saying, “Let’s talk.” and I was saying, “Yeah, let’s talk.” So cute!

You know, I often lamblast myself on my failings as a mother. I am not patient enough, I don’t look them in the eye enough when they’re talking, I don’t spend enough one on one time with them, I say “NO” too much, and on and on. It is so easy to see the negative and focus on it.

But then you get a book from your son telling you he loves you because you kiss him when you tuck him in and help him with his homework and that’s enough for him. He still loves me, despite my shortcomings and failings. They still see good in me and want me, ME, to be their mother, even though I don’t always do it right.

Wow. It’s humbling and gracious and amazing! I love these kiddos SO much. Eliana fell asleep in my arms when we got home from lunch and I held her and just thanked God for even that simple gift; holding my sweet baby girl. I pray this year I can learn to be an even better mother. One who cheers on my children, encourages them and builds them up, shows them how very important they are, one who is a little more patient, a little more quick to say “yes” instead of “no”, one who models for them the love of Jesus.

This morning on the way to church, Zakkai said, “Hey! I have a great idea! How about we listen to Mommy every Mother’s Day?!” haha!
And to my own Mama, I already told you in the card what you mean to me but let me say it again. You have cheered me on, encouraged me, lifted me up when I needed help, prayed for me, battled with me and for me and have been such a constant love in my life and have shown me Jesus. I love you SO much.

To my Grandma: when I was little, you were my sweet, soft Grandma who spoiled me with sleepovers, McDonald’s hamburgers, Snicker’s ice cream bars, trips to the cabin and when I grew up you became my friend. You pray for me, encourage me, share your wisdom with me and love me unconditionally. Thank you! I love you!

And to Ben’s mom: You gave me your son. A man you raised to love God. A son you prayed over and taught so many values and wonderful things to. He often remembers things that you told him over and over; things he wants to pass down to our children. You also took me in as your daughter with no hesitation. You have loved me, faults and all, over these years and I am so thankful for our relationship! I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!