In Like a Lion..

 We had such a busy weekend following our busy week last week! On Saturday, we got up and drove to the United States Airforce Museum, which is a little over an hour away to meet some good friends of ours from way back in the day from Chi-town:) Now we only live a couple hours apart and are trying, through sicknesses and weather to meet up every so often!

On the drive, Eliana drew this cute little picture. I rotated it but it reverted back for some reason so just tip your head to the left and try not to feel silly:) It’s a monkey wearing red shoes and juggling strawberries and that is his pet monster next to him!

The museum was very cool and the boys, especially were really excited to go! (okay, you can’t tell that from the picture but they really did have a good time!) They are standing by a huge landing gear wheel:)

There were enormous planes inside and so many interesting historical facts! You honestly could spend 3 days there to take it all in…

We went underneath a huge bomber plane and this was looking up inside it. It was a little scary being underneath! The funny thing was, I ran into an old friend of my mom’s while we were underneath the plane! It was a strange place to meet someone from the past;)

A nuclear bomb.

It was a lot of fun and we will definitely be going back!

We woke up to lots of snow on Sunday and it took us quite awhile to shovel and get everything cleared off to go to church. We went early to participate in a meal packing event for the poor. It was a lot of fun! We are so glad we can do things like this as a family; even Eliana had a little job! The goal was to pack 750,000 meals over 5 days and they were over 650,000 at the end of our shift! Very cool.

 In the late afternoon, when Z and I got back from my office cleaning job (he was my chosen helper for the week!) we went outside to build snowmen, since the snow was great for packing! Samuel worked hard to roll a huge bottom!

Samuel and his snowbuddy:)

Z and I had to help him lift the middle on because it was heavy!

Eliana and I built a little mini snow”girl,” complete with raisin eyes and a carrot nose! She was very proud of that snowman.

And Zakkai couldn’t stop long enough to look at me for a picture! He was building a snowfort and took a break here to build a table and chairs:) Such an imagination!
Unfortunately, some little 6th grade punks decided it would be great fun on their way home from the bus yesterday to kick down both of our snowmen and throw them all over the yard. I wasn’t quick enough to get out there and yell at them (and I would have!!) but I did get to the door fast enough to watch them walk down the street and took note of the address of one of them.
We paid a little visit to his house once I collected the boys from the bus stop and asked for an apology. He denied taking part in it but I got my 2 cents in and then had to pray to let it go. That kind of stuff makes me SO mad because it shows such thoughtlessness and lack of compassion for others. And it affects my kids, who were innocently having fun! Grrr…..

A little pic of all the shoveled snow piled in my grandparent’s yard. They’ll have snow til June!

Don’t they say that March comes in like a lion??

The Shedd!

 We had a fun day today! We actually made it downtown to the Shedd Aquarium, which let me tell you, is no small feat. We used to go to the museums a lot when we lived down by campus because it was SO easy to hop on the Metra or a bus and go downtown. Now? If you want to get there early enough not to stand in a humongous line or find some parking, you have to leave crazy early to avoid traffic.

Which we did not make. We had to turn around, kill some time at home and leave after rush hour. (one of many rush hours in Chicago.) Thankfully, people with strollers get in the accessible door which is a WAY shorter line than up the steps. Those people literally stand in line for 1-2 hours!! Thankfully, we only had to stand in line maybe 15 minutes to get inside.

Wow, they look so big in this picture!!

Little Moose reading her map:)

They had several different kinds of stingrays and the patterns on their backs were so pretty! Circles…

Paw print shapes…

Animal print….

And hello Mr. Stingray! He looks like he’s saying, “Help! Get me out of heeeerrrree!”

 And can you blame him, with neighbors like this?! This is an Anaconda. A very small fraction of the anaconda. We never did find his head…..The plaque said he reaches up to 26 feet long and up to 400 lbs!!! I am never going to the Amazon….

Look how big some of these fish are!

That’s a meal and a half! If you look carefully behind Mr. Big Fish Dude, there’s an even bigger fish. A 15 foot long fish!

Pretty blue fish! Amazing that the fish come in so many colors and sizes. We saw one inch fish all the way to 15 foot long fish! Blue, red, orange, neon, striped, you name it!


Whoever says God doesn’t have a sense of humor, has never looked at some of the creatures He created….This is a sea urchin!

This Spider Crab totally freaked me out. The only reason he gets a picture and an honorable mention, is because Ben and the boys loved him. I’m terrified of spiders and he looks like a giant one. Yuck. Moving on…

Glow in the dark fish!

Sea Horses are one of those creatures that don’t seem real. Everytime I see one (which is SO often), I think, “Oh yea, sea horses are real!” There were “no flash photography” signs everywhere and my camera hates to be told what to do. It rebels completely against no flashing and sea horses are surprisingly fast, hence the unclear picture!

After we got a little tired of the fish and heard a million complaints about hungry tummies, we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and feed the children. First we admired the boats!


Even better, boats with Daddy:)

We ate on a park bench and while we were eating, a runner nearby had an asthma attack. People were running through the area asking everyone if they had an inhaler. They ended up having to call a fire truck and ambulance. We could hardly tear Z away from the action but finally we did. And then I made Ben call the drs and ask for a refill for his inhaler, as he has been having more asthma issues in the night and with the summer weather.

After that, we decided to walk and ended up at the Buckingham Fountain!

So beautiful! We actually and embarrassingly have never been here before. So close and yet so far….It was really beautiful! That’s Mr. Z in the green shirt:)

Cutest boys I know!

E enjoying the water with her main squeeze:) We stood there for quite awhile just looking and enjoying being in the sun and outdoors. And together;)

Eliana just “hangin’ around!” I said, “Are you a monkey?” She said, “No, I’m a hanger!” She loves to hang off of things and it’s so funny to watch her little body swing. Such a squirt:)

It was nice to have a little fun day in between lots of busy days. I can hardly believe that 6 weeks have passed and graduation is here! We are so excited to see our family, although a little worried since they are quite the motley crew. No offense:)

We have a gaggle of injured, gimpy people coming! You think I’m joking? I’m talking people with upcoming knee replacements, surgery, crutches, hip problems, back problems, you name it. Ben and I are a little worried about our crew but incredibly thankful that they are hobbling their way here to celebrate with us. We couldn’t ask for a better family!

Crafts, Mummies and Braids!

 The boys did not have school again today, thanks to an “Institution Day.” (prob teacher workshops, etc.) The cold has finally struck our area so it’s not too fun to go outside! We were getting a bit cagey yesterday but thankfully, Samuel’s old kindergarten best buddy and his mom and brother came over in the afternoon and saved our sanity.

Today, Daddy was the Sanity Saver and took the boys with him for several hours down to the University. They went to the Oriental Institute, where B did the majority of his classes and also a museum filled with ancient artifacts like mummies and tablets, etc. They also had lunch, went to the library and a couple other small errands.

Missy Girl and I spent a quiet day at home!

  She got her very first braids today! Her hair is getting so long and has to be kept out of her face so I am getting more and more creative in pulling it back. She just looks so darn cute! 😉

I got an Amazon giftcard for Christmas and one of the things I got was this book, that has been waiting on my wishlist for a long time! It’s filled with lots of simple patterns that could be easily embellished or enjoyed as is. I have a few projects I am tackling from it and finished 2 today!

One was a simple hanging bag for Samuel to keep on his bed. He is constantly losing his new booklight and books in his bed so I made this to hold his journal, booklights, pencil and current book. It’s a nice sturdy little bag and he seemed to be happy with it.

I also made a sewing machine cover with a pocket on the front! I’ve been wanting to make one for a long time, as everything gets so dusty around here. This was super easy and it’s pretty to look at:)

So that’s how we filled a downright freezing day here in Chicago. The kiddos are tucked safely in their warm beds, gearing up for a short and sweet week ahead!