Spring Break

 Spring is fighting to make it’s presence known here in the good old Midwest! It hasn’t been too warm for spring break but today we finally reached 40 and that was good enough for all the neighborhood kids to come out and play!

Monday it was sunny and we spent a little time outside, too.

Eliana begs to go outside like a puppy! I really wish we had a nice backyard so it would be easier than hanging out on the sidewalk!

She was so happy with her bike and can peddle very well now:)

Samuel was “helping” her for a few minutes. Good old big brother torture:)

The boss giving me directions!

Little Miss Boss also organized some races:) She saw the big kid races and she wanted to take part, too! She waited until everyone was lined up…

Then she would take off and they would pretend they couldn’t catch her! So cute..

Poor Z just wasn’t feeling up to racing. It’s taken him a long time to get over this virus. He is doing much better today and played outside for a long time, which I was happy to see!

But not so much on Monday. He still needed some rest and early bedtimes.

He also does NOT cooperate with pictures these days. Grrr!

Finally got a little shot of that cute face! His cough kept Samuel awake the past few nights so he would go to sleep in our room and then we’d carry him back into his room when we went to bed. Tonight’s the first night we haven’t had to do that!

Missy Magician!

She doesn’t know any tricks but she’s pretty cute:)

She saw I was taking pictures and ripped off the hat but I snuck in a picture just in time! I hope she doesn’t start taking after her brothers and refuse to take pictures!

The boys have really been into Legos this week, especially Samuel! I’ve barely been able to get S to come down for dinner because he is so involved in building his creations. Samuel is a stick to the directions kind of builder 90% of the time and Zakkai is the opposite, mostly an inventive builder! Today Samuel said, “Mommy, I think that Legos are even better toys than matchbox cars.” I said, “Yeah, you’re right, Samuel. They are actually some of my very favorite toys!” He then wanted to know if I played with them when I was little, too:) He was a little surprised to find out there weren’t pink Legos back then!

Things have changed a lot since I was little, that’s for sure!

The Great Outdoors

 It was such a beautiful day yesterday! Ben had to return some books back in our old stomping grounds so we decided to make it a family affair and have a little fun! We packed up our leftover homemade pizza from Friday night, made a stop at the local produce store that we miss SO much and headed down to the Point by Lake Michigan.

The boys brought their scooters and soccer ball and Ben had fun kicking it around with them. Mostly Samuel because Zakkai was more interested in eating fruit!!

Z is my little beggar:) Which mostly drives me crazy!

Beautiful blue sky!

Eliana went back and forth between making little kicks, offering Samuel his water and checking out the produce in the bag:)

Here is Z crawling to me with a terribly injured leg. Not. Oh, the drama these boys can cook up!

Ben loves to torture the boys so he snatched up Samuel and told him he was going to throw him in the lake and Zakkai ran after him. Of course, Samuel didn’t get thrown in but thoroughly enjoyed screaming and laughing about it!

Eliana only needed a wipe to keep her occupied. She wanted to change Baby Anna’s diaper but since Baby was in the car, she settled for wiping down the boys’ scooters:)

After horsing around for awhile, we went to go sit on the rocks and look at the skyline and the water!

It is a cool city!

My favorite people in the whole world!!

Then we spotted a tiny beach down at the bottom of the rock steps and we all climbed down to have a little fun.

The boys’ shoes and sock quickly came off!

And of course, Missy needed hers off, too! She just walked around, sprinkling sand everywhere and inspecting the boys’ sandcastles.

They got busy right away trying to build and trying to keep the water from washing their creations away!

And we sat, soaked in the sun and found pure pleasure in watching our brood:)

Such a sweet girl!

We kept remembering how small the boys were when we used to live down here and spent lots of time taking walks to the Point and having picnics. They were good times!

The rock steps where people love to come sit, eat, talk and look.

My little darlings that drive me crazy and fill me with joy all at the same time!

It was such a great day!