Playdough, Pouts and Baby Blues

┬áLong time, no see! Honestly, it’s been a pretty crummy week around here for a few reasons, hence my lack of desire to blog. But now I’ll show you a few pics of my cuties, who always give me a reason to smile!

Take this for instance:

A 2 year old’s pout is VERY hard to take seriously:) love this face!

Eliana was introduced to playdough this week! The lovely pouty face above was because I wouldn’t let her take the playdough off the table and walk around with it. So I asked her if she was done, she said she wasn’t but wouldn’t play with it. This went on a few times and I said, “Okay, we’re done then. I’m putting it away.”

And the pouty face turned into a cry of outrage and when on for several minutes. Toddlers are SO illogical…

But later after the brothers came home, the playdough came out again and drew them all to the table for a bit:)

And this morning, our Little Miss (who has a cold again:( discovered Mr Potato head earrings! She decided she wanted them on and got such a big kick out of wearing them most of the day. She’s into saying “mine” and “I” and “my” these days so she said, “MY earrings.”

Love those big baby blues!