Produce and Green Stuff!

We had a very low-key day today. Ben and I weren’t feeling the best so we took it easy. Ben’s allergies have been horrible this year (thanks to rotten weather!) and he was exhausted from 2 extremely long days in a row of work. (he gets home close to midnight.) ¬†And I’ve had ongoing stomach issues for a few weeks now that often leave me feeling yucky. Would love prayer for it to go away, as I would like to lead a normal, energetic life with my family!

Today was produce pick-up day, which we always enjoy! I was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the leafy green stuff we’ve been getting that I can barely pronounce but we are slowly learning how to use it all and how to store it properly so it doesn’t wilt in 2 days. Not that we’ve ever had that happen….

I’ve made smoothies with kale, kale chips, egg noodles with kholrabi, stir-fry (s) with different green things in it and more! We are eating more greens than we’ve ever eaten before.

Today we got more kale, lettuce, swiss chard, zucchini and squash, basil, red potatoes (in the brown bag), yellow and red tomatoes (not pictured), turnip heads, baby onions, and hot peppers! We already used half the tomatoes and some basil in a fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella salad tonight. Mmm!

Now that we’re figuring out how to use these veggies and not feeling so overwhelmed with giant heads of leafy green stuff, I can say I’m really enjoying doing this CSA farm thing and would highly recommend it! I am very glad we’re only doing bi-weekly because we’d be overrun by vegetables othewise;)

Not that that’s a bad thing…

And maybe we can head off Eliana’s typical toddler phase of “All Green Things Must Die” if we work quickly enough.

One can hope.