Blue Suede Shoes.

¬†Okay, so they’re not blue suede shoes but she loves them anyways! Eliana was given some clothes by some friends to borrow and in them are these adorable brown boots that she has taken quite a fancy to. She wants to wear them all the time!

Actually, that was until she got some new black dress shoes for church. Now she has a new favorite pair. For now.

Our girlie has a shoe addiction!! She adores these boots and looks awfully cute in them, if I might say so.

I’m not really sure where that inate desire to pull up their shirts and/or dresses comes from but I’m pretty sure all little girls do it at some point!

She giggled when she saw this pic:) She has a basket of shoes in her room and she is very specific about which ones she wants to wear each day. We may be in trouble…

Just doin’ some homework like the brudders! We start ’em young around here:)