Tom Turkey and Thankfulness

It seems like an ideal month to think about thankfulness:) Last night as I was mulling over my melt-down, I was thinking that I need to be purposefully thankful. I’ve always heard and known that the more you practice finding things to be thankful about, the more things you find to be thankful about!

So in honor of my desire to be content where I am, with what I have, I am going to say something I am thankful for every single day of this month, whether a big thing or a small thing and in no particular order. I am hoping to have the boys join on board with me, too, as I think it is far to easy for kids (or any of us!) to take things for granted. And you can join, too, if you want!

Today I am really thankful for hot soup. We don’t have much in the way of groceries and have been stretching our slim pickings to last as long as possible but amazingly, I had all the ingredients for a wonderful, hot pot of black bean soup. With cornbread:) There is nothing like soup to warm your bones on a very chilly, windy, rainy day.
Little Miss is coming down with a cold:( She was sneezing a lot to day, exhausted yet fighting naps and the runny nose began this afternoon. I hope it will be minor!

I also discovered today that she is afraid of umbrellas. It was so nasty out and I had to use one while holding her when picking up the boys from school. She cried and cried and kept pushing my hand that was holding the umbrella away. I felt so bad for her! Silly baby.
Every once in awhile, Samuel really likes for me to come up and lay with him in bed for a little while and talk before he goes to sleep. Last night we were talking about random things and I asked him if he had any ideas of what he might want for Christmas.

He said he wants a picture of our family standing next to the Christmas tree:)
Zakkai had a special school project due today. We had to “disguise” Tom Turkey so that he won’t be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner! Z tossed out any ideas that we threw at him (of course) and so we dressed up Tom Zakkai’s way.

Presenting: Professor Tom Turkey!

Pretty good, eh? I thought he turned out pretty cute!!
And last but not least, I committed with a friend to do the 30 Day Shred for 30 days straight this month. (what was I thinking???!!!) I have been needing some motivation to do something other than once-a-week Zumba and here it is. I will blog about my 30 days over on my other blog that is about my journey to getting in shape. If you’d like to join in the commitment this month or just follow along, feel free to pop over here🙂