We had a really long afternoon, trapped at “home” with no car while Daddy went to a meeting and his new part-time job. (It’s a start!) We have been out and about getting sun and swimming lately so some of us have been a wee bit crankier than usual, despite a nap….

We needed to do something quick to cajole this 3 year old out of her monster mood! Enter….the handy camera phone:)

Wait…is that a smile peeking through?

Oh, we’re all so sad.

No, wait! We are mad now!

So excited! (We aren’t quite sure about what yet but it’s good to practice just in case!)


Monster faces! (I just love Zakkai’s faces!)

Another try..that’s the spirit!

Silly smiles:)

We’re sticking out our tongues at you! (sorry, I know that is bad manners!)

Fish faces!

And some winking….
We are SO cool, aren’t we?! But you know, it broke the bad mood vibes and we had a nice little bonding moment:) Plus, free entertainment for you!
Happy Friday!