Catch-up and Boys!

 I have been so busy in the past month that I haven’t had good time to catch up with family and friends. Today, I got a good start in catching up though! I had a very nice Skype call with my sis and niece for awhile this afternoon. Eliana just loves skyping and seeing her Auntie and cousin:)

While we were busy talking, Eliana started playing nearby with all my clean folded laundry (of course), making beds for Baby Anna and such. Then she said, “Look, Mama! Baby Anna’s reading!” And I looked over to find her propping her baby up with this little book:) She’s such a little mommy!

And Samuel got his special birthday present in the mail today! He has been anxiously awaiting his new skateboard the past few days. It’s a combination gift from us and Mugga and Papa. He’s been reading skateboarding books from the library the past couple of weeks and learning all about tricks and techniques so I think he thought (despite us warning him!) that he would be able to hop on his skateboard the first time and take off. I found him racing along the sidewalk, being a little too fancy and big for his britches and next thing you know, he fell and really scraped up his knee.

That put a damper on things for a bit and I banished him (like every mean old mom!) to practicing balancing and gentle movements back and forth on the board. He was getting the hang of it by dinner time and even asked if he could sleep with his skateboard in his room:)

The answer was “no”, by the way:) We need to save up for some knee and elbow pads for him so he isn’t the walking wounded all summer! You can definitely tell my two boys are active by the sheer number of bruises on their legs! At one point recently, we counted and Z had 13 bruises on one leg alone….

This boy thing is a whole new world for me!!