Piddly Snow Days!

 So. The longer we have been back here in Ohio, the bigger the differences we have noticed from Chicago. One big thing is that they cancel school at the drop of a hat! In Chicago, there must be about 50 feet of snow and -30 degrees to cancel. Okay, okay, maybe not that bad but seriously, Chicago schools closed down for the first time in years when we had the blizzard back in 2011. It was a big deal!

The boys’ school last year closed 4 days total because the temps were -12 before windchill. Totally understandable! Here? They have had a 2 hour delay (back in November), and canceled school at least 3 times already for piddly snowfall or temps being “too” cold. One day was about 2 inches of snow! It is so silly. Ben and I don’t remember it being so bad when we were young. I guess Chicago toughened us!

So…another snow day today. We did get around 4 inches, which was fun! The kiddos found some old recycling bins and used them like trains:)

Zakkai worked very hard to make train tracks.

Eliana tried to convince everyone to take her on train rides:) She loves playing outside with her brothers!

Samuel quickly grew tired of ferrying around his little sis and resorted to just good old fashioned playing in the snow.


I had to work to get Z’s attention!

He was nice enough to stop and give me a quick smile! Soon after, we went in for hot chocolate and a movie. It was a nice morning!

Later in the afternoon during E’s rest time, the boys went out again and spent a lot of time building forts. It was fun to look out the window and watch them:) Now we have a huge pile of wet coats, snow pants, scarves, gloves and boots by our front door.

Oh, the joys of winter!