A Visitor, Child Labor and Fall!

 I have had so much trouble using google the past two days but thankfully it is working today! It was so very hot last week which made walking to/from school pretty miserable! On Friday afternoon, I was talking to Ben on the phone when I noticed something moving on our back porch out of the corner of my eye. I quickly realized it was a squirrel, which is unusual!

I crept closer and peeked out of our blinds and saw this:

At first I was afraid the squirrel was dying on our porch because it was panting really fast and kept laying out flat like a squirrel rug! But then I realized that the poor squirrel was trying to cool off since it was 96 degrees outside! The heat and lack of rain had dried up all the water in the birdbath, which they usually drink from. I ended up taking out a huge pot of water and refilling the birdbath. He came back twice to rest in the cool shade of our concrete porch but I am sure he is now enjoying the cooler weather!

We were planning on having a fun day as a family on Saturday but were thwarted by heavy rain all morning. So Ben got the kiddos working on scrubbing the bathtub ~ which it really needed! They worked hard and long, using our new natural cleaning supplies of baking soda, water and lemons! Oh, and don’t forget the toothbrushes:)

And if you think this is child labor or torture, don’t! They had a really good time:)

Today the kiddos are home from school and hopefully will be doing a lot of playing outside since it has cooled off so much. We are even starting to think about apple picking and maybe even a camping trip nearby before it gets too cold!

I may even start getting in the mood for some fall baking and quilting. It’s my favorite time of the year!