Mail Time and T-ball!

Anyone else love mail time? I do, I do! Well, aside from bills anyways:) I love to get cards and surprise packages and letters. So fun!

The boys were surprised after school to find 2 special cards waiting for them from Grandma! She is always so thoughtful to us and often sends the kiddos cards for holidays. The boys wanted to say “Thank you!”

Zakkai’s Monster card fit him perfectly:) He loved the special goodies inside!!

 Samuel ripped his open and started reading it all by himself. He can’t wait to pick out something special! Thank you, Grandma!!

 Tonight I had to take all the kiddos out into the yucky weather for Samuel’s t-ball game since B was still on his way home on the train. (he met us there later). It was freezing and sprinkly ~ the kind of cold that leaves your hands and feet numb. Here’s Samuel being catcher for first base!

His catching has improved so much this fall. He caught a ball last week and almost caught one tonight:)

 Zakkai kept busy digging for awhile. Unfortunately, wet sand/mud + digging 4 year old = nasty clothes and hands. Thankfully, I had wipes on hand!

This little naughty baby destroyed her napping schedule today and was SO tired at the game. She and I finally had to go sit in the car because she was d.o.n.e.

Here’s Samuel hitting a ball! And I took a little video below of one of his turns at bat. He was having a little trouble tonight because he was so cold and a different coach usually pitches to him. He’s so cute! His next turn at bat he had a great hit but I was already sequestered in the car at that point and didn’t get it on video.
And to the surprise of all the parents, we found out there is another game next week. Either the coach is mixed up or we are:)
We stopped to get the boys an ice cream cone on the way home to celebrate a great fall of hard work in basketball and t-ball! Proud of my boys!