Tea Parties N’ Cave Art.

 Eliana got some fun girly stuff this Christmas that she is just crazy about! She has tea sets, purses, the Sweet Shop playdough set, dolls and strollers and more!

She has discovered that she just loves to have tea or coffee:)

The other day she and I got our tea party all set up. She takes it very seriously! All the colors match up and we have to mix things with our spoons. And then we drink it all up…

Like so:) Feel free to join us for coffe, tea (or hot chocolate!) anytime. Missy had such a rough morning today. She decided, for whatever reason, that she needed some Daddy time and when I pulled her away to take the boys to school, she was so mad! She cried allll the way to school and back again and didn’t settle until she had lots of cuddles from her Daddy.

3 guesses for what this is!! Zakkai’s class did a little segment on cave art before Christmas break and he brought this home last week. This, my friends, is a cave horse:) with a small head and a large tail! So cute.

Speaking of Zakkai. We’ve been working on his grammar lately because he’s been saying funny things like “Shoulda did” (which has a certain ring to it..) or “Shoulda done.” It’s not always easy to teach kids grammar and rules for English! There are far too many “exceptions” that trip them up. It’s a tough language.

Samuel came out of school this afternoon in tears because there are a group of “non-listeners” in his class that  have been so badly behaved lately that the whole class has lost recess tomorrow to have a class meeting. I took him over to talk to his teacher and see what the scoop was. Apparently there are a good 7 or 8 kids that have constant trouble listening in the class. Mrs W assured Samuel that he is such a good listener and she is so sorry that the whole class has to be penalized. He has often expressed frustration at these kids in the past couple of months and has complained so much recently that he asks not to go to school:(

It makes me so sad because he usually loves school! He had a truly amazing class last year; a great mix and I think he is just used to that and having a hard time getting used to having classmates that aren’t respectful of rules or time. We try to praise him for his behavior and encourage him to pray for his class and keep trying hard but it makes us sad to see him struggling.

I hope his class shapes up soon! Of course, Zakkai heard him talking today and suddenly he started saying that there were kids who ruined “The whole day” today. But the story modified quickly and it was just a small section of the day:) He’s been copying off of Samuel a lot lately, as little brothers will do.

Last night at dinner, Samuel said, “Hey, no copying!!!” And Miss E piped up and said, “No Coffee!” We never lack for smiles around here:)