Whole 30. Day 1.

So, remember that crazy thing I said we were going to be doing for the next month? Today is Day 1!

As I have inched towards healthier eating, I have been hearing about this thing called “Whole 30.” Finally, in January I decided to look into it and ordered the books from the library. The most important one is called, “It Starts With Food” and the second book is “Whole 30.” Both are by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. I was immediately intrigued by the craziness of it all!


Basically, we are giving up ALL sugar (including maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, etc.), all Diary (no butter, no milk, no cheese!), ALL grains (no wheat, rye, barley, corn, oats, quinoa, rice, etc.) and legumes (beans, beans, the magical fruit! Plus no peanuts. Boo) For 30 days!

So what can we eat? Lots and lots of vegetables!! We can eat fruit but we need to eat far more veggies because fruit contains sugar, obviously and we can eat meat, most preferably grass-fed, organic, no added anything meat. Which is expensive!!! I did my first whole 30 shopping trip yesterday and it was definitely more than I usually spend, although to be fair I did buy some things that will last longer than a week before I go again. Things like coconut aminos (a substitute for soy sauce) and nuts and meat. You can do this as a vegetarian and eat lots of fish:)

The point of this whole thing is NOT for us to lose weight (although that does happen to most people) so don’t worry, the kids and I will not be losing weight! (I will be adding in lots of healthy fats for us like avocados, oils, etc.) There are a couple of reasons we are doing this food plan.

  1. It helps break food addictions. Most of us, if we have grown up in America, have some serious unhealthy food addictions. Look at what the food industry feeds us! A lot of the stuff on grocery store shelves is NOT food but chemically engineered, manufactured stuff that has a lot of bad stuff in it that we think is food! I happen to be a bread addict myself. I can seriously consume a whole loaf of garlic bread. (I don’t but I could!) And I have created a mini bread addict in Samuel. We also have some people with serious sweet teeth in our family. (Ahem…Ben:)
      2. This is called a “reset.” We are basically resetting our bodies so we can figure out if some of the things we have been eating have been causing or contributing to some health issues we have.
               For example:
               *Eliana has a tummy ache almost every single day. Could she be eating something that makes her have tummy pains?
               *Ben has chronic sinus issues that seriously affect his life. What if he were able to wean off of his daily nasal spray? Or what if his asthma improved?
               *I have frequent headaches that interfere with my life. Sometimes I have cycles of up to 9 days straight with headaches. I also have daily post-nasal drip that often affects my sleeping. And I struggle with stomach pain, too, sometimes. What if it’s something I am regularly consuming?
(So after the 30 days, we will slowly add some things back into our diet and see if/what is causing problems.)
3. The diet or plan also can help with behavioral issues such as a better ability to concentrate for those with ADHD (boy, I am hoping for this one for my Z!!), better sleeping, pretty much you name it! You should read some of the testimonials online. They are pretty amazing! People who went off diabetes medications, had serious reductions in flare-ups from years of struggles with autoimmune diseases, etc. People say they feel really good afterwards, have more energy, sleep great, etc.
My pantry after making it Whole 30 compliant:) Lots of nuts, coconut milk, Larabars for the kids for snacks. (adults don’t get snacks but kids can!)
Since I had nothing left in the house last night, I decided to make our first Whole 30 dinner. It was AMAZING!! A Salmon with Avocado Salsa on top and Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice as a side. Everyone raved about it! (Even my picky girl!)


So, we’re supposed to have some days of detoxing and not feeling great and battling cravings, etc but I keep telling everyone that we are doing this together so we can cheer each other on. We could use your cheers, too!

Feel free to ask any questions:) Oh and p.s. this is in NO WAY a judgement on your eating. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with you! (And that’s being said in a nice way:) This is just something we’ve chosen to do together as a family (it was definitely my idea first but I waited to make sure all 5 of us were on board, as much as everyone could be!) and it may be a little crazy and weird but that’s okay. Just be nice, please!

I promise not to preach to you and get all hippie-weirdo on you!