Oh my goodness, today was the longest day ever! I seriously looked at the clock at 2:30pm and thought, “It’s ONLY 2:30???”

Could be because I haven’t been sleeping all that well and the past few nights have been woken up for one reason or another (the littlest peanut has been crying out) and canNOT get back to sleep! I toss and I turn and I worry and think about everything imaginable.

Mostly my upcoming week and our ridiculous neighbors. 

Anyone else have nights like that? Hoping I sleep better tonight! 

This little Pickle has stopped her walking spree and wants nothing to do with it! Isn’t that strange? I seem to remember she did that with crawling, too. Crawled like crazy for a few days, stopped for a bit and then took it up full time.

Gotta have her own way, in her own time. Scary for the future?

 You know Saturdays are a long day for the kiddos and I so I am always looking for activities to do at home or close by since we are car-less. Yesterday Z and I ran into the library really fast to grab a Friday night movie and I was stopped by a big sign that declared there was a workshop today at the library from Legoland!

And the best part? There were only TWO spots left!

I hurried downstairs and signed the boys up. Samuel was in between ages for the 2 groups but the only spot open was for Z’s age group. He had so much fun for someone who declared he didn’t want to go!!

They got divided up into groups to build towers. Z had a preschool classmate there who was a team “leader” and the first one he picked for his team was Zakkai:)

 Samuel was spotted and snatched up immediately by the other oldest child in the group. He was on the light blue team. I was proud of him for going into his own group so easily~shows how far he’s come in the past few years!

 Missy and I sat on the sidelines with the other parents and snuck a few pics:) I know this one’s blurry but I was trying to get Zakkai’s group building their blue/white tower in the backround.

 The boys look so serious but they really did have a great time~promise! The legoland guys talked about what could make a tall tower fall down and there were guesses like tornadoes, hurricanes and finally earthquakes. So each tower got to have its turn on the table being shaken like an earthquake. (a.k.a. 2 Legoland dudes on each end of the table, shaking it)

First round of towers all crumbled in seconds! Then they learned how to build a good strong base/foundation for their towers. Almost all of the second round of towers withstood the “earthquake.” Except Z’s group….

So they got the privilege of being the final earthquake for all the other towers in one final hurrah. It was a very violent earthquake~atleast an 8.0!

They walked away with special crowns, stickers and even some free tickets to visit LegoLand. A successful hour!

Later, at home, we all took turns playing a little Wii and I just had to get a quick video of Zakkai doing some running because he’s so funny! Plus you get to see E shaking her finger at Z and yelling ~ a new fav passtime of hers:) Please ignore all messes in the scene. It’s all Eliana’s doing;)