We are sitting here watching the news covering the capture of the Boston Marathon bombers. Wow. For someone who doesn’t watch the news, I’ve sure seen a lot of this week! It has been just a terrible week, tragedy/crisis-wise in the U.S. Really heartbreaking for so many people!

I have been praying all week that justice would be served in the bombing case and that the police would catch the suspects. I would’ve been clapping on the sides of the streets with the Boston residents if I’d been there! All those law enforcement officials deserve big thank you’s. I just hope that people can get some answers now so that there can begin to be healing and closure, although I know that will be a very long process.

Wow, what a week!

Ben and I had no idea that this crazy manhunt was going on! We were so busy today gathering cleaning supplies and beginning the process of cleaning our basement and storage closet. We tossed out a lot of stuff today, including a ton of boxes we’d saved for moving or for appliances. All my wrapping paper, some clothes and several of the boys’ smaller outdoor toys were ruined. There are a couple of electrical things that we aren’t sure about yet. Who knew that just a few inches of water could cause so much damage?? We began the process of bleaching off things and mopping at least some areas of the basement. We keep finding trapped water under things. We still have a lot left to do.

Our landlords were kind enough to make the washers/dryers free for at least a couple of days so we could all wash our flooded clothes/towels. I washed a huge pile of 11 towels this afternoon (once I was able to sneak a couple of loads in, between the neighbors!) and they were SO heavy with water that I could only lift 2-3 at a time! I put them through the washer twice, just to be on the safe side!!

As one of our landlords said today, as not fun as it has been to deal with this, so many people had it so much worse! In a nearby village 10 minutes away or less, residents were evacuated today because of the river flooding. Crazy!

This will definitely be a week to remember, that’s for sure!

In the Face…

I wasn’t quite sure what to write about tonight but on my way upstairs, the news came on. If you know me, you may know that I do not watch the news. I haven’t watched it for about 6 years now since I linked it to a general feeling of hopelessness and depression I would feel in the after hours of watching the morning news.
But tonight I was sucked in by the tragedy of Boston. It was only months ago that I was completely heartbroken, along with everyone else in our country, over the Connecticut school shootings and the unbearable murders of those small children. And here we are again, wading through another senseless tragedy.
It is so hard to know what to say and feel in times like these. To be angry at such evil? And it is evil. To be heartbroken over the loss of innocent people, including a little boy only mere months older than my Samuel? To want justice? To be afraid?
I only know that through the myriad of emotions that I and everyone else will feel, that there is not much else we can do but pray. Pray to a God who is equally as heartbroken over the choice of evil today that shattered lives. A God filled with compassion for those who are suffering. A God who offers steady, unchanging hope in an uncertain, crumbling world. A God who calls us to step away from the failing morals and principles of this country and to walk with Him, no matter what.
I know I am not alone in praying tonight for comfort for those who are hurting and for justice.