School Days…

Well, the day we have been dreading all summer came upon us today…the first day of school! We (mostly I) agonized about what to do about school since we have no place to live (still) but finally at the end of last week, I had to submit the paperwork to start the boys in school here where we are staying. The principal was very kind to us, going out of her way to talk to me on the phone at length, answering all of my questions and telling me about the school and then showing the boys all around the building when we dropped off paperwork.

This is the school where they are going right now. It is only a few years old and very nice! We got to see the boys’ classrooms on Monday night and meet their teachers, both of whom were very nice. Z’s teacher is very affectionate and gives him hugs already and says she just loves his name! Samuel’s teacher is very nice, although a little more reserved.

Zakkai was bouncing all around this morning, so excited to go! Samuel takes after his old mama and was a bundle of nerves:( He was very teary-eyed when he realized all his friends at home started school today, too. He barely ate any breakfast so we sent him with prayers and hugs!

It was beyond chaotic to drop them off this morning. We are used to a much more organized system so it was intimidating for us but thankfully, we found both boys’ teachers and got them in their lines and off to the races. It was a long, quiet day without them! My mom came with me to pick them up this afternoon, which was really nice and both boys came out with smiles and said they had good days!

They had a lot to say about what went on today. My biggest impression is that the school is very big on being kind to others and encouraging reaching out to other students. Samuel had a couple boys in his class make a point to ask him to play with them at recess, which I was so glad to hear! It is really hard being the new kid; I remember well.

We also went to the opening night for Awana at the church we have been attending for the last month and we signed all 3 kids up! We met some very nice people there and it made us feel like we could actually get to know people and get a feeling of belonging if this keeps up.

Now if we can just find a place to live….ugh!