Clean Teeth and Ken?

Monday comes again! It was an unusually busy weekend for us with a birthday party and our anniversary and also we hosted a small group at our house yesterday, which involved a lot of cleaning!

It was a big step for us to take; to branch out of our isolation and open up to new people. Thankfully, they were all very nice and seem excited to be a part of a Bible study. It will be good for us, I think.

Today, Eliana once again accompanied me to the dentist. We are trying to fit in all of our appointments before Ben’s insurance ends with his job at the end of the month. We put off going to the dentist until the last minute. Because who likes going to the dentist? Not me!

I have to say, though, that this was the most thorough dentist office I have ever been to in my life! They divide your appointment into 2. The first one is for x-rays and checking your bones and gum recession and for cavities, chatting with the dentist and such. The second is the torturous cleaning session.

Ben got to do his all in one 2 1/2 hour swoop, thanks to a cancellation but I had to break mine up. The good news? No cavities for me, continuing my lifelong streak! But apparently, I will wish for cavities by the end says Mr Dentist because I have other issues. More painful issues. I have “delicate gum tissue.”

Know what that means? That means more gum grafting in my future. Boo. That was truly a terrible surgery. The part on the roof of my mouth where they harvested my gum for the grafting still doesn’t have all of the feeling back. And it’s been 4 years!

So I have gums like “the skin on a grandma’s hands” (and I quote!) and I have to brush with an extra soft toothbrush and be super careful. Bummer. Ben may get a few cavities  here and there but he has great gums. Like a rhinoceros or something, darn it!

At least our teeth are clean though! A little battered fand sore rom the torturous cleaning, perhaps, but clean.

I had to take Samuel to the store to get a little birthday gift for his friend and I came across Barbie in the toy department and decided to have a personal flash-back moment. But wait. Wait just a second! What happened to Ken with his awesome plastic hair and shining white teeth? Who the heck is this??

Is this Ken now? He has Justin Beiber hair! Ick! Seriously. Yuck. Why do all the men have to be so feminine these days? Ew. When it comes time for Eliana to play with her Barbie’s more, I just may be searching ebay for the old 80’s cool Ken. I’m not sure I could handle playing with this doll….

 Thanks for the anniversary wishes! I feel very strongly about what I wrote and I ask, if you know anyone getting married or just starting out, please feel free to share that post with them. I may not be the greatest writer but that post meant a lot to me and I would be thrilled if I thought it could help or touch someone.

Next up? Me trying to figure out how to survive spring break next week with many children at home…..Yikes!


 Seems like October has been a super busy month with lots of little appointments and activities and is just flying by! Today E and I ran some errands and then went to her story time. She seems to really like it. She sits quietly in my lap most of the time and at the end will get a couple of books and bring them right back to my lap. Some of the other little ones roam around the whole time and really get into the rhymes, stories or music. It’s a cute thing to do!

After school, we had to take “the brothers” to the dentist. Or the “tentinst” as Missy says:) It’s a hard word to say! She talked about it and was totally find until we walked back to the exam area. Then she completely melted down, despite reassurances that it wasn’t for her! She loathes doctor’s offices of any kind and has for a very long time now:( It was probably even worse today because yesterday she and Zakkai had to get their blood drawn and she was a MESS. She even had to come home and cry some more to tell Daddy all about it. Poor thing.

Good news is that the boys have nice healthy teeth and we don’t have to go back for 6 months:)

My wonderful friend who is a machine with a knitting/crocheting needle, made Eliana these beautiful hats!! One for fall and one for winter. I am so excited to use this tomorrow!

At first, she was about to take it off but then she quickly realized (as you can see from that little smile) that she was awfully cute so maybe it could stay on:)

Next up, her adorable winter hat, which will soon have mittens to match! I think she looks so stinkin’ cute!

But then, it doesn’t take much for her to look cute…