Water Fun!

Hmmm…I guess yesterday disappeared into a black hole because I totally thought I blogged and obviously I didn’t.

Call it early dementia. Mommy brain. Whatever you want!

Today we took advantage of the lovely weather to play outside! Oh wait. We’ve been doing that every day!! Once Eliana saw her big brothers beginning their daily steam-burn-off, she started clammering to join them. “Wah? Wah? Shoe? Shoe?” (Walk/Shoes).

So we donned our shoes and went out to see what Samuel and Zakkai were up to. They begged to do a little bike riding in the street, something they only get to do when one of us is able to sit and do “car-duty.” It’s nice living on a quiet dead-end street!!

Eliana wanted to go in the street SO bad but I distracted her with one of her toys and a chair. Worked wonders so we could watch S and Z cruise up and down the street.

I love living in a “real” neighborhood!!

A neighbor buddy brought over his slip n’ slide so the boys could have some water fun! They are really obsessed with water right now so this was definitely a big hit. Whenever our property manager comes over to turn on hoses and sprinklers, they (especially the Z-man) are there like bees to honey.

Eliana kept getting in their way, trying to splash in the water so I decided to come up with some more toddler-ese water games.

Oh my goodness, I hit the jackpot! Stripped this baby girl down to her cute diapered self and let her go to town!

She kept tossing all the water out like she was putting out a fire:) She didn’t even talk for a few minutes, she was so absorbed.

We’re definitely getting a baby pool for the back porch!

She discovered it was pretty fun to dump water on her feet. She kept saying, “Toe! Knee!” everytime she splashed water on that body part;)

“Toe” and “Knee” soon became “Haiw!” (Hair). Definitely a great activity for a quiet morning!

Here’s little Miss Thang in action. Enjoy!

Update: For some reason, the sound is off in the video and plays too early. She really is pointing to the right body parts right away when I name them:) ha!