Busy Things!

It has been a really busy and emotionally draining few days for a few reasons, hence the lack of blogging!

Our neighbor came to us last minute both Thursday and Friday to watch their son, who is Samuel’s age, because they didn’t realize school was ending and had no one to watch him! So, he spent two days with us. Thursday the boys had a great day and kept each other entertained the whole day! It’s rare that we can have one friend over who will play well with both boys simultaneously and separately but he did and it was awesome.

On Friday we did a lot of outside playing and went to the park but after lunch our little friend went downhill with a bad headache. I felt so bad for him, especially being a headache sufferer myself. He doesn’t know us all that well and you could tell he felt bad but was shy about really telling me what was going on. He ended up taking a long nap on the couch with a cool cloth over his eyes. When he woke up, I practically shoved water down his throat, for fear that he was a bit dehydrated from playing out in the humid sun. Finally, I got permission from his dad to give him Tylenol and he perked up about a half an hour before his dad came to pick him up.

Then we hopped in the car the minute he left to go to a goodbye party for our friends. It was really hard. I’ve been teary on and off all weekend when I think about them and not seeing them anytime soon. It’s really hard to say goodbye.

On Saturday we went to the annual local Pet Parade, which is just like it sounds. A parade plus lots of dogs and a few horses! The kiddos had a great time and we were glad the rain held off! Eliana just loved watching all the dogs. I think her favorite was the dog dyed a hideous pink color and my favorite was the ginormous Great Dane that attracted quite a bit of attention! The kiddos got a few pieces of candy (we were towards the end of the parade so they must’ve been running out!), a t-shirt, toothbrushes and a ball. They just love little things like that:)

The rest of the weekend we’ve been pretty much stuck inside, as it’s been raining and chilly.

We are gearing up for our first full week of summer and this week looks to be a busy one! And honestly, I’m really thankful for that because I’d rather have fun things to do or people to go see than just hanging around dealing with the revolving door and the ill-mannered neighborhood kids!

First up, grocery shopping with all three monkeys. Yea……