More Concerts and Trash Picking.

 Man, oh, man, we had such a busy weekend! Parties and dates and all sorts of things going on. It will be a busy week this week with getting ready to leave on our trip (goodbye snow and 30s!) and Ben is working hard on some deadlines for his dissertation. Hopefully we can get everything done so we can relax a bit!

This cute kindergartner had his spring concert tonight. Thankfully, it was barely a half an hour long, as opposed to 1 1/2 hours like Samuel’s. The kindergartners looked so cute and little up on the stage!

Since Zakkai’s school is made up of all kindergarten (9 classes), they divided the concerts up into different days and had 2 or 3 classes sing at a time. Zakkai was so excited to have us come; he was bouncing off the wall tonight!

Thankfully, I had fresh batteries in my camera this time. Too bad my camera absolutely loathes the lighting of these events and no matter WHAT setting I put it on, it takes blurry pictures! grr.

I did capture a couple short and cute videos, though:)

And, I have inherited a wonderful, rare and slightly embarassing skill from my mom. You can call it a gift, a talent or as Ben likes to say, a curse. Ha!
I totally took something off the side of the road today. I trash picked. People just put their stuff out on the curbs that they don’t want and you know what they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!”

Look how cute this is! I spotted it as we pulled up for school and knew it belonged with me. Of course, I was really embarassed and told myself if it was there later, maybe I would get it. And look, here it is! It was meant to be:)

How cute is this little table! The sides extend and it has a little drawer and everything. Perfect for my crafting area!

Ben thinks I’m crazy and I cannot confirm or deny that charge…..